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Used Nissan Juke Cars for Sale in the Philippines | Find your dream car on Carousell Autos today

Browse used Nissan Juke cars for sale in the Philippines. Be part of a trusted community with 24,000 satisfied car owners monthly on Carousell Autos (formerly OLX)




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Common Key Features of Nissan Juke

Body Type: Subcompact Crossover

Engine: 1.6L HR16DE DOHC gasoline engine - 116PS/ 154Nm


  • Front-Wheel Drive
  • Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Seating capacity: 5-passenger


  • Front: MacPherson Strut
  • Rear: Torsion Beam

Quick Peek

Love it or hate it. Since its global release in 2010, the Nissan Juke has polarized the car-buying public with its odd-ball design. Some swear it looks like a frog while others believe it is a groundbreaking and distinctive car that turns heads with its cute proportions. Whichever way one looks at it, the Juke has truly achieved head-turning status ever since.

Launched in the Philippines in 2015 as a 2016 model year release, the Nissan Juke came in late to the sub-compact crossover party. But given its unique looks, it has carved a place among car buyers who wish to be distinctive. And in the mini-crossover category, standout looks are a main factor being considered by buyers who are often at the young end of the demographic.

The Nissan Juke our market received was already the face-lifted version with boomerang-shaped LED Daytime Running Lights and taillights. This echoed the Nissan 370Z sportscar’s own headlight treatment giving the Juke a dose of sporty flair.

A 1.6-liter gasoline engine, the same one that powered the Sylphy sedan, gave the Juke a decent yet enjoyable drive. The CVT transmission, with its inherent rubber-band feel and response, did allow the Juke to cruise at very low revs on the highway, aiding its fuel efficiency. Matched with a huge 52-liter fuel tank, one can extend the cruising range of the Juke with a light foot.

Its polarizing exterior design is reflected inside as well. Substantially bolstered seats create a secure and upright driving position. While large dials and buttons are easy to read and operate. The Integrated Control System or I-CON, gave dual functionality for some buttons. The air conditioning buttons also double as Drive Mode buttons. With a press of a selection button, one can choose either Sport, Normal or Eco Mode to influence the engine’s response. The colorful LED screens for both the controls and the sound system give off a modern vibe for this modern crossover.

While interior space is not its strong point, it is habitable enough even in the back seat where the sloping roofline limits the height for rear passengers. The cargo space is relatively small too at 251-liters. But the false floor at the back does help hide important items from prying eyes. And tumble down the 60:40 split rear seatback and you get to expand cargo volume to 830-liters.

With its short wheelbase and 17-inch wheels, the Juke achieves a rather sporty ride. The Torsion beam in the rear is particularly tuned to soak up road imperfections giving the Juke a good balance between driving responsiveness and comfort.

Overall, the Japan-sourced Nissan Juke provides excellent value, specification, and drivability for a small crossover. With its unique design and loaded feature set, one can expect good times owning a Juke.

The Right Spec for You

Model Year 2016 - 2018, Price Range: Php 550,000 - Php 700,000

It took Nissan Philippines another three years to finally announce the arrival of the Juke in the country since it teased the public with a display at the 2012 Philippine International Motor Show.  Fortunately, we received the facelifted version immediately. The 370Z-inspired headlights and taillights, as well as the signature V-Motion grille, all gave the Juke a fresh look right off  the bat despite being a 5-year old design. Low-profile tires mounted on 17-inch wheels contribute as much to the Juke’s design as they do its ride and handling.

Available only in four colors - Red Alert, Solar Yellow, Pearl White and Black Obsidian, the Japan-made Juke 1.6 Upper CVT, offered limited choices but still stirred the market enough to make an impact.

Superbly bolstered fabric seats, full climate control, a non-touchscreen 2-DIN display audio system, dual front airbags, a smart key system and push-start button add to the comfort, convenience and safety of the otherwise sporty black interiors of the Juke.

Model Year 2016 - 2019 -  Juke N-Sport, Price Range: Php 670,000 - Php 925,000

Six years into the game, and you just know Nissan is milking the Juke’s design for what it is worth. In 2016, Nissan Philippines released the Juke N-Sport to highlight the winning attitude of its owners. Complete with hood stripes and N-Sports decals at the C-pillar, this variant intended to make the already distinctive Juke more ostentatious. A silver-painted front and rear chin accentuate N-Sport’s design.

The 2016 N-Sport came in three color combinations - Black Obsidian with Yellow Spark; Pearl White with Octane Red; and Solar Yellow with black; In 2019, Nissan released a new color under this variant, Gun Metallic Gray with  Burnout Black. The combination colored rear spoiler made the Juke standout all the more. It also revised the decal design for the new edition.

Initially available for the price of Php 1,039,000 in 2016, the N-Sport went up to Php 1,131,000. The new price came with a dash camera,  updated touchscreen head unit, and black leather seats with contrast color piping.

Model Year 2017 - Juke N-Style, Price Range: Php 680,000 - Php 750,000

Introduced in January 2017, the Juke N-Style was the second variant of the polarizing small crossover made available to the Philippines. A limited edition release, the N-Style reinforced the Juke’s already unconventional styling with contrasting accents on its side mirror caps, door handle covers, side sills, front bumper finisher and side skirts.

These color accents also found their way to the roof spoiler, boot handle, tailgate finisher and rear bumper finisher. To further remind the driver of his distinct taste car styling, color accents were applied as well to the meter hood stitching, shift knob, console and door finisher, armrest and air vent rings.

A new color, Cosmic Blue, was introduced with white accents along with accessory enhancements such as headlamp finishers and a roof spoiler. While the Black Obsidian Juke was splashed with yellow trims.

There were only 500 units released for the Juke N-Style which were originally priced at Php 1,080,000.

Model Year 2018 -  NISMO Juke, Price Range: Php 960,000

Nissan Philippines continued to release specialized variants of the Juke to the market. But the most loaded was the NISMO Juke. NISMO stands for Nissan Motorsports, the company-owned tuning arm of the brand that also produced sport-inspired styling pieces. And while it lacked any performance upgrades, the NISMO Juke did come with authentic Japan-made NISMO bits and pieces which would have been appreciated by brand loyalists and enthusiasts.

Aside from Pearl White and Obsidian Black, a new color, Brilliant Silver, sported the NISMO goodies to great effect. A new front bumper design with LED fog lamps distinguished this variant from the run of the mill Juke. A wrap-around NISMO bodykit and rear diffuser with red striping, as well as body colored wheel arches,  adorned the exterior and was complemented by a set of 17-inch Sports Black alloy wheels.

Inside, the full NISMO treatment came in the form of the NISMO tachometer with a red face, NISMO Alcantara and leather-wrapped steering wheel, sporty shift knob, and real NISMO front sport bucket seats with suede seat trims. Moreover, a new 6.75-inch touchscreen audio unit provides entertainment and functionality.

For Php 1,239,000, the NISMO Juke surely added to the desirability of this sci-fi looking crossover.

What to consider when purchasing a Nissan Juke

If you fancy the Nissan Juke but are not willing to pay the premium for a brand new unit, you might want to wait a bit more as prices have not gone down as much even for early releases. In  the six years the model has been in the market, it is surprising to see the high resale value it continues to command, especially for such a niche vehicle.

Unfortunately, you may have limited choices now aside from the pre-owned market as Nissan Philippines has discontinued its listing from its website. And given that it is a Japan-built model, the market will most likely continue to price it high at least until a replacement model is announced.

The NISMO Juke remains to be the Holy Grail for this model. Good luck in spotting one in the used market.

Nissan Juke in 2021

The second-generation Nissan Juke has been unveiled in Europe in 2019. The new platform allows it to be bigger, wider and taller than the outgoing generation design. Even the wheelbase gets a 10 centimeter boost. This gives passengers more legroom at the back, something the first-generation Juke was severely lacking in. And speaking of space, there is more at the boot this time around with 422-liters of cargo volume available.

The all-new Juke  has likewise moved up in terms of fit and finish with the availability of 19-inch wheels in the upper trim, improved Alcantara dash and seat  options as well as  white stitching interior accents.

It also now sports a steering assembly that can be adjusted both for up and down movements aside from the original’s forward and back giving the driver a better seating position. The new platform will also allow for different engine options, the most basic of which could be the 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder mill.

Along with the new engine, Nissan also refined the second-generation’s ride and handling while also enhancing the driving experience with new driver aids such as Nissan Pro-Pilot Autonomous Driving and self-steering, as well as automatic braking and acceleration through adaptive cruise control.

Sadly, rumors have it that Nissan might skip releasing the all-new Juke in markets where another model, the Nissan Kicks, might do better in terms of economies of scale. This new subcompact crossover is now being sold in Thailand and Indonesia and is slated to arrive in Malaysia this year. What are the odds it won’t be sold in the Philippines as well?

Only time will tell now. But if the Kicks does replace the Juke in our neck of the woods, expect this quirky oddball crossover to keep its high prices for an even longer time.

Suddenly, checking out the latest listings on the Nissan Juke isn’t such a bad idea. And with a wide range of prices for different year models available, you can surely find the right car for you. Make use of Carousell Autos’ various filters to sort out the entries by price, year model, or even mileage. Make your car search as easy, seamless, safe and hassle free as possible. All right here on Carousell Autos.

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