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Check out used Mitsubishi Galant cars for sale in Carousell. Presenting Automatic, manual all year car models. Starting from PHP 110,000! Mileage up to 200,000kms!

Used Mitsubishi Galant Cars for Sale in the Philippines

If one does not want to invest in the purchase of a brand new car, they can opt for buying second-hand cars. One can get a good deal at a cheaper price with lower registration fees, and insurance rates. Carousell brings you the list of second-hand cars for sale from different brands at affordable prices in the Philippines.

Mitsubishi Motors is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer and was ranked as the sixth-largest automobile manufacturer in Japan in 2011. Mitsubishi has produced an amazing class of automobiles under its brand name Mitsubishi. The car categories include SUVs, hatchbacks, and electric vehicles. Some of the famous models of the brand are Model A, Mizushima, Galant, Cedia, FTO, Challenger, Lancer, Outlander, and Pajero. These car models had an immense impact on the consumers in the years 1917, 1936,1946, 1964, 1968, 1995, 2012, 2013, and 2014. The Carousell website lets you choose from the brand’s different second-hand variants. Mitsubishi cars have unmatchable gas mileage, have comfortable seating management, and are built with cutting-edge technology. The car models are best suitable for sporty people.

Mitsubishi Galant is a car produced by the company from 1969 to 2012. The car was manufactured as a compact sedan in its early years of production but evolved into a mid-size car. The model has a gas engine of 1,597 to 2,498cc depending on its different variants with a displacement of 2.4L/145 cubic inches with a maximum horsepower of 160 @ 5500 rpm and maximum torque of 157 @ 4000 rpm. Galant has an electronic fuel injection system. Carousell has a huge list of used Galant variants to choose from and to become their proud owners.

A few of the advantages of the Galant car are that it has a reliable engine and transmission. It has an eye-catchy design and finishes. One can easily drive the car at a maximum mileage of 18 to 24 MPG. One of the drawbacks of the car is that it lacks folding rear seats. So, if you want to feel the look and features of the car as a used car, you can contact the sellers here on Carousell.

On Carousell, the pricing of the used cars ranges from PHP 50,000 to PHP 900,000. The website covers various variants of Galant used cars including Galant Manual, Super Saloon Manual, and Galant Shark Auto.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Should I buy a used car?

If you are planning for a replacement vehicle, going for a used car is a smart decision. The used car can give you higher mileage at a cheaper cost.

What is the avg price of a used Mitsubishi Galant in the Philippines?

The average price of the Mitsubishi Galant used car is around PHP 50,000 to PHP 200,000.

Is the Mitsubishi Galant a reliable/good car?

Mitsubishi Galant has a 2.4-liter four-cylinder that gives the car an impressive acceleration. The model has a reliability rating of 4 out of 5.

Is Mitsubishi Galant fuel efficient?

Galant gives an average of 21.1 combined miles per gallon. However, its 2012 model has 24 combined MPG. We can say that the car is fuel-efficient.

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