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Find cheap Toyota Alphard used cars for sale in PH. Offering 2013-2020 auto, gas fuel used car with good specs! From 11L onwards! Good Mileage! Valid Documents!

Used Toyota Alphard Cars for Sale in the Philippines

Recently, the demand for used cars is much higher than for new cars. Such high demand is responsible for the rapid growth of the used car market. A second-hand car has more warranty than a new car, so users should consider purchasing it.

Toyota's history began in 1933 and was devoted to the production of automobiles, a division of Toyota Automatic Loom, under the direction of its founder's son, Kiichiro Toyoda. The first mass-produced AA sedan was launched in 1936. The following year, the divisions of Toyota Motor Corporation, led by Kiichiro, were integrated. Since then, they have become one of the largest names in the automotive industry. Some popular models include the Vios, Land Cruiser, Corolla, Altis, Alphard, Hiace, Rush and Avanza. All these models and more are available for sale on Carousell.

Toyota Alphard is a simple seven-passenger minivan. Its overall dimensions are length 4945 mm, width 1850 mm, height 1945 mm, and a wheelbase of 3000 mm. The average clearance is 160 millimetres. As a result of this ground clearance, the car has a relatively low centre of gravity, can drive over a small curb and does not lose stability, even at peak speeds. The Toyota Alphard comes with a 3.5-litre V-shaped petrol engine with a volume of 3456 cubic centimetres. The recent model compared to the previous generation has become somewhat more powerful. Thanks to the solid displacement and the proprietary variable valve timing system, the engineers managed to squeeze out 300 horsepower at 6600 rpm and 361 Nm of torque at 4700 crankshaft rpm. The Toyota Alphard can accelerate to a speed of one hundred kilometres per hour in less than 8.1 seconds. Despite the additional 25 horsepower, the economy was largely unaffected. Fuel consumption will be 9.4 litres of gasoline per hundred kilometres in the combined cycle. The fuel tank capacity is 70 litres.

Alphard fully justifies its belonging to the premium segment. It has a solid and memorable design that will perfectly emphasize the individuality and status of its owner in society. The salon is a realm of exclusive finishing materials, verified ergonomics, unsurpassed practicality and uncompromising comfort. Even a country trip or heavy traffic during rush hour will not be able to deliver even the slightest inconvenience. The manufacturer is well aware that cars of this class, first of all, should give pleasure from driving. That is why, under the hood of the minivan, there is a powerful and technological unit, which is a fusion of innovative technologies and legendary Japanese quality.

The Toyota Alphard is priced at a range of PHP 50,000- PHP 250,000 depending on factors like model, condition and mileage. Carousell lists different prices from different vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why buy a used car?

A used car provides more warranty than a new car.

Is the Toyota Alphard fuel-efficient?

Yes and it offers a mileage of 9.5 litres/100km

Is the Toyota Alphard a good/reliable car?

Alphard has a strong reputation for its reliability.