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Buy Toyota Hiace second hand used cars for sale in PH. Carousell offers 2006, 2016, 2017, 2020 models & more. Automatic & Manual. Mileage upto 70,000kms!

Used Toyota Hiace Cars for Sale in the Philippines

Used cars are always a good option as it allows the buyer to purchase a more recent model or brand of choice. Used cars usually don't have hidden fees, but sometimes the user might be charged a "document fee" of several hundred dollars. Second-hand cars also allow the buyer to save money on tax and insurance.

Toyota was established in 1933 initially as a loom weaving industry before migrating to the productions of cars in 1936. The brand has grown to become one of the biggest brands known today. Some of the models available for sale on Carousell include Fortuner, Hiace, Bios, Land Cruiser, Corolla, Avanza and Rush. Carousel offers a good deal for all the models mentioned. The Toyota Corolla is one of the best-selling models of all time.

The new Toyota Hiace is offered in 2 box versions, L1H1 (low roof) and L2H2 (high roof). As a result of the correct balance in its dimensions, the L1H1 version (length 5,265 mm, height 1,990 mm, width 1,950 mm) is an ideal vehicle for urban logistics and accesses in which the maximum height and contained external dimensions are a limitation for the entrance of the vehicle. The L2H2 version has more generous dimensions (length 5,915 mm, height 2,280 mm, width 1,950 mm), resulting in a larger cargo volume. Its size makes this version a good work tool for urban, suburban and interurban logistics. Both versions adapt to various conditions and needs of users, with enough space to transport and handle loads with ease. The possibility of making internal adaptations such as incorporating shelves, tool platforms and/or anchors for special operations -among others- account for Hiace's great versatility. The interior of the new Hiace combines a modern design and a robust image, prioritizing functionality and ergonomics to guide the vehicle to the user.

The Toyota Hiace makes use of the Toyota 1GD of 2.8 litres of displacement (2,755 cc), with Turbo of Variable Geometry (TGV) and intercooler, of 4 cylinders in line, 16 valves with double overhead camshaft, system of Common-Rail D4-D direct injection and timing chain; that delivers a maximum power of 177 hp and 450 Nm of maximum torque. The Hiace comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission with torque converter and precise coupling. Its proven efficiency combined with the high elasticity of the engine, provides low fuel consumption and ensure excellent performance. The fuel tank of both versions is 70 litres, which, combined with its low consumption, provides great autonomy. The vehicle has a fuel efficiency of 7 litres/100 km.

The Toyota Hiace goes for a price range of PHP 997510 to PHP 1745642 depending on the variant the consumer chooses. Carousell provides a variety of prices made available by different sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why buy a used car?

Used cars present an opportunity for people to own luxury vehicles of their choice.

Is Toyota Hiace fuel efficient?

With fuel consumption of 7 litres/100 km, the Toyota Hiace is extremely fuel-efficient.

Is the Toyota Hiace good for long drives?

The Toyota Hiace is solidly constructed and can last 300,000 miles or more without major issues.

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