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1,000+ Fake Plants and Flowers for Sale in the Philippines | Carousell

Add plants to your home w/o taking care of real ones w/ these artificial plants & flowers for sale in the Philippines. There are tons on Carousell to buy @ PHP 5.

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Artificial Plants & Flowers for Sale in the Philippines

Artificial plants and flowers are popular in the home and office and they provide a more natural look than live plants.

If you’re going to buy artificial plants of any kind to decorate your home with, then you likely will need decorative wall plant holders to go with it. The price of plant holders is going to cost somewhere around PHP 250 to PHP 400 on average. What’s great about artificial flowers is that even if they’re difficult to find in the Philippines as actual plants, you can find their artificial alternatives if you want them. For example, if you are looking for specifically tulips to get, they are going to cost somewhere around PHP 95 to as much as PHP 1,300 overall. Another cute plant you might want would be sakura blossoms. These would cost somewhere around PHP 93 to as much as PHP 25,000. One reason, or specifically, an occasion where you will be interested in getting an artificial plant would be around the Christmas season. A fake Christmas tree is a huge sign that it’s time for the Christmas season. The price of a Christmas tree will cost somewhere around PHP 50 to as much as PHP 15,000 depending on the size of the tree that you want. Speaking of the Christmas season, you can also find fake poinsettias here to add to the Christmas vibes. These will cost around PHP 150 to as much as PHP 500 overall. Another artificial plant that you might want would be fake grass or turf. They can add pops of green wherever you put them. These will cost somewhere around PHP 125 to PHP 15,000 overall.

You can discover listings of artificial flowers and plants available for purchase online through Carousell that are both affordable and easy to find.

Frequently asked questions

Artificial plants and flowers are not tacky. They are a great alternative to live plants or flowers. They are not just a great substitute for live plants, but artificial plants and flowers also provide many benefits that make them an attractive option for many people. Artificial plants and flowers can be used in any type of setting without the worry of watering or fertilizing them. They also do not require any maintenance and they will never die, which is something that can happen with live plants all too often.

Artificial plants and flowers are great for people who don't have a green thumb. They can be used in a variety of ways, such as in the garden or in vases on the table. The secondhand market is full of artificial plants and flowers that are available at affordable prices. Decorative artificial flowers and plants are not as expensive as they seem. You can buy them secondhand to save money. Some people have a misconception that secondhand artificial plants and flowers will look cheap, but this is not true. The secondhand ones are just as good as new ones and you can even find some brands in the secondhand market that are exclusive to it.

There are artificial flowers and plants that you can buy for PHP 5 to PHP 400,000 overall.

Fake plants are not just for decoration. They can actually provide a lot of benefits to the environment and the people who are living in it. One of the biggest benefits that fake plants have is that they can help save you money on heating and cooling bills. Fake plants use less energy than real plants, so they will not heat up or cool down your home as much. This means that your AC or heater will be running less, which will ultimately save you money in the long run. Fake plants also do not require as much water as real ones do, which can also save you money on your water bill over time. If you have allergies, fake plants may be a good option for your home because there won’t be any pollen floating around for you to inhale and cause an allergic reaction.

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