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Buy new and used mobile phones and gadgets for sale in the Philippines all on Carousell. Find listings of many mobile phones that are ranging as low as PHP 400.

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Mobile Phones and Gadgets for Sale in the Philippines

Nowadays, everyone needs to have a mobile phone to live in modern society. To answer that need, there are now a ton of mobile phones that are available in the market and it can be tough to find the phone that’s just right for you. That’s why you should look at the specifications that you’re looking for to narrow down your choices.

If you’re interested in buying a mobile phone, one of the ways you can choose and narrow down the listings is by selecting a specific phone brand. For example, Huawei is a fairly popular brand of phones in the Philippines because of their range of phones that are quite affordable for many people. With that said, if you’re interested in buying a Huawei phone, the price range that you should look into would range anywhere from PHP 400 for a used phone and PHP 137,000 for a new Huawei mobile phone. Another popular phone brand that you’re likely going to be interested in buying would be iPhones which are aplenty and are well-loved by many phone users. Since iPhones are quite expensive, buying them second-hand is a great way for you to buy an affordable iPhone. With that said, the price of iPhones can range anywhere from PHP 400 to as much as PHP 259,999. Of course, iPhones aren’t the only popular phone brand that is well-loved and that people know for their quality make. Another phone brand that people like to use and that also rivals Apple in the phone market industry would be Samsung. Samsung phones are quite popular in the Philippines and so there are plenty of phones from this brand that is available for purchase. If you’re interested in buying a Samsung phone, you can pay anything from PHP 50 for a defective and old model of Samsung to use for parts or as much as PHP 128,000. OPPO is another popular phone model that you can find in the Philippines and it’s another affordable set of phone models that contributes to its popularity. With that said, if you’re going to buy a phone from OPPO, you should make sure that you prepare around PHP 100 for a used old model from OPPO to as much as PHP 65,000. As you can see they are quite affordable rates overall which is why they’re a good brand to choose in terms of functionality and price range.

If you’re looking for any mobile phones or gadgets both used and new, you can look at the listings on Carousell. You can use that to narrow down your search based on different factors such as by using the search bar and the filters. You can narrow it down based on the price range, and you can also choose specific models or brands and even the condition of the phone. After you find a listing that you like, you can contact the seller directly with the chat feature to negotiate further and even arrange for a meet-up or schedule a delivery.

Frequently asked questions

The price of your mobile phone can cost you anywhere from PHP 400 to as much as PHP 449,900. The price of the phone will depend on different factors such as the condition of the phone, what type of model it is, what features it has, as well as what brand it is.

Before you buy a phone, there are a few things that you need to think about first: Battery Life Camera Display Memory Storage Processing Unit Price Once you know what you’re looking for based on these factors, you’ll be able to narrow down the phone that you need to get.

There should be no worries that come with buying a secondhand phone. Of course, you should make sure that you look into the condition of the phone before you make any decisions regarding the purchase of the phone. After you make sure the phone wasn’t stolen and it doesn’t have any issues, then there should be no issues with the secondhand phone.

The names of the more popular brands of mobile phones are: Apple Huawei Samsung Nokia Oppo Xiaomi These phone brands are all present in the Philippines and are quite popular for many people in the country.

The biggest difference between Android and iPhone would be the operating system. Apple uses its iOS exclusively which is a closed system exclusive for their Apple products. On the other hand, Android has an open system so that brands even share an operating system and opens it up so that customers can also customize their phones.

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