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Vivo Phones for Sale in the Philippines

Vivo phones are another common mid-range mobile phone brand that you will see in the Philippines. The Vivo phones actually come from the same parent company as OPPO, Realme, OnePlus, and iQOO, but they each have their own, unique features and style. However, one thing in common is that Vivo phones and these other brands are usually known for providing a fairly affordable range of phones.

One thing that people love the most about Vivo phones is that they’re relatively inexpensive so you can get a well-functioning phone that has everything you need without having to break the bank. Even their powerful and high-functioning phone models are still well within the affordable range so people who have a limited budget can still afford to buy a Vivo phone. If you’re interested in buying a Vivo phone, you might want to consider getting the Vivo X series. The Vivo X series is what would be the higher-end phones that Vivo makes and so it has the best tech, processors, camera features, and so on. Therefore, if you think this need fits you well, you should consider getting a phone model from the Vivo X series. The price for a phone from the X series would cost anywhere from PHP 2,399 to as much as PHP 45,990 which isn’t as expensive as some of the higher-end phones in the market today. Despite their affordability, they have excellent technology in them, making some of their phones the flagship phone that defines Vivo as a phone brand. Aside from the X series, you can also find the Vivo V series available. This series of phones from Vivo is something that they made to cater to young people, specifically those who are quite fond of taking photos or selfies. This series would be Vivo’s investment into mobile photography. This series is all about taking the “perfect selfie” which is why it caters mostly to young people, but isn’t for their exclusive use, mind you. If you want to get a phone from this series, PHP 2,000 to PHP 35,000 is around the price you can expect to pay from this series. For people who aren’t all about processors, or technological advancements and are budget-conscious, you might want the Y-series from Vivo, which is their low-budget and entry-level series of smartphones. You can expect their Y-series to cost around PHP 799 to as much as PHP 17,999 which are incredibly cheap.

You can use Carousell to find listings of hundreds of Vivo phones available for purchase that are both new or used, depending on what you want. There are filters in place that you can use to narrow down the listings even more so that you can find the phone that you want. For example, you can indicate a price range that you have so that you can find phones that fall within that range. You can even narrow down your search results based on whether you want them secondhand or new. Once you find a Vivo phone that you want, the chat feature is there so that you can negotiate with the seller without leaving Carousell for your convenience.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re interested in buying a Vivo phone, then the price for that phone would usually range from PHP 350 to PHP 62,000. The price of a Vivo phone, as with any other mobile phone, is dependent on factors such as the model of the phone, the specifications, and the condition of the phone

There are several Vivo phone models that are available for purchase, so it can be tough to choose which one to go for. To give you an idea, here are a few Vivo phone models worth considering so far: Vivo X70+ Pro Vivo V20 Vivo Y31 2021 Vivo X70 Pro Vivo X60 Pro There are a lot more phone models that Vivo can offer you, but if you go with any of the phone models on this list, you should be fine.

When buying a used Vivo phone, it’s important to keep in a mind a few things first. For example, the model of the phone can let you know how old it is and whether it’s okay to buy the phone without it impeding what you would expect a normal smartphone to have these days. Another thing would be the condition of the phone. If you’re buying secondhand, then ideally, you should be able to check the condition of the phone first before you take them to ensure that you know what to expect from the phone. After you do all of this and you are satisfied with it, then there should be no issues with buying a used Vivo phone.

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