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iPhone 12 Series Phones for Sale in the Philippines

One of the top phone series that Apple made was the iPhone 12 series. The iPhone 12 series is a solid series for the iPhone and is a great alternative if you aren’t looking to get the iPhone 13 series just yet. It still has top-notch features and offers decent usability still despite being an older series from Apple.

The iPhone 12 series has a few models that encompass it, so if you’re interested in buying an iPhone 12, it’s a good idea to clarify what model you’re talking about so you can narrow down your choices. If you’re buying an iPhone 12 with prices in mind and you have a limited budget that you’re working with, the two main choices that you’re going to be thinking about would be the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Mini as these are the more affordable options in the series compared to the other two. The iPhone 12 Mini is going to be more affordable than the iPhone 12 but they still have features that are similar to one another. The only noticeable difference would be the size of the phone from each other. Otherwise, their differences in specifications aren’t as noticeable so if you opt for the iPhone 12 Mini, it shouldn’t be an issue. With that said, the iPhone 12 Mini will cost you anywhere from PHP 21,500 to as much as PHP 49,490 overall. On the other hand, the price of the standard iPhone 12 will cost you anywhere from PHP 24,4880 to as much as PHP 67,000 for a relatively new phone. Now that we’ve covered the more affordable of the iPhone 12 series, let’s cover the other end of that spectrum which is the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. When it comes to the difference between the two, the most noticeable difference would be the display screen size. Of course, the iPhone Pro Max will have a larger display and is heavier. Aside from that, the Pro Max also has better camera features. With that said, another big difference between the two would be the price point. Since the Pro Max has more improved technical features, it’s going to be much more expensive with prices ranging from PHP 20,000 to as much as PHP 92,000. On the other hand, if you want to get just the iPhone 12 Pro, then the price ranges from PHP 30,000 to PHP 82,000 overall.

When you’re looking for the best phone to get that’s a part of the iPhone 12 series, you can use the filters preset on Carousell to narrow down your choices. You can even use the Price filter to narrow down your choices based on your budget will be. There are also other filters in place. For example, you can narrow down your choices based on whether you’re looking for used or new phones available. Once you find the listings that you are most interested in buying, the chat feature is there for you to use so that you can contact the seller of the phone that you want.

Frequently asked questions

The iPhone 12 series phone prices would cost anywhere from PHP 20,000 to as much as PHP 92,000. The price will depend on the model in question, the condition of the phone, and so on.

The iPhone 12 series has four models: iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max The price of the phone and the features of the phone will change depending on the model that you choose.

After the release of the iPhone 13 series, Apple discontinued the iPhone 12 series. Therefore, there are now many more used iPhone 12s that are available for purchase. With that said, if you plan on buying a used iPhone 12 and want to check the legitimacy of the phone, you can check it using the serial number and verify it. After you check that as well as the features and all of them are to your liking, then you shouldn’t have any issues concerning the phone.

If you’re talking about the best phone in the iPhone 12 series in terms of the technical specifications, then the iPhone 12 Pro Max is going to be at the very top. However, it’s also going to be the more expensive of all the four models. It has the best cameras, the best battery life, and the most powerful features. The cheapest model is going to be the iPhone 12 Mini.

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