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Searching for a new or used iPhone 6 series phones for sale in the Philippines? Look at Carousell's hundreds of listings. You can find phones starting as low as PHP 1K.

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iPhone 6 Series Phones for Sale in the Philippines

The iPhone 6 series are a set of reliable phones that Apple released way back in 2014. Although these phones are quite old at this point, they are still of reliable make which is why there are many that still work to this day. Nowadays, these phone models are quite affordable because of their age so you can get a bargain if you buy them today.

When you’re buying any phone from the iPhone 6  series, you’re going to have to choose between the different models from this series so that you’re sure what features you’re going to get from the phone in question. You can start by looking at the standard iPhone 6 phones available for purchase. This model is the foundational phone for the models in this series. With that said, if you’re interested in buying this phone, the price for these phones would range from PHP 500 for a heavily used iPhone 6 to as much as PHP 26,000. After the iPhone 6, the upgrade would be the iPhone 6 Plus. The biggest difference between the standard iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus would be the battery life and the size of the phone screen. Other than that, though, there aren’t too many strong gaps between the two. Therefore, you might want to consider which model is the best for you between the two as these two are usually the more affordable of all the models in the series. The costs of the iPhone 6 Plus phone would be around PHP 800 for a used phone that needs some repairs to as much as PHP 20,000 for a used but no issues phone. The next step for the iPhone 6 series would be the iPhone 6s. The “s” stands for Screen because, apparently, this was Apple’s first phone when they implemented the 3D touch. Given this tech upgrade, that means that it would be much more expensive compared to the standard iPhone 6. With that said, the price points for these phone models would be around PHP 1,000 for a heavily used phone with issues to as much as PHP 33,000 for an iPhone 6s with additional gadgets that come with it. After the iPhone 6s, the next thing that you’re going to expect would be the iPhone 6s Plus which is the upgrade of the 6s and the last of the iPhone 6 series. The price of this particular phone model in the series would range from PHP 3,000 to as much as PHP 28,000.

When you’re buying an iPhone 6 series phone, make sure to narrow down your choices. You can narrow it down through the price range you have, the condition that you want, as well as the model of the phone. You can even narrow them down based on the sellers that offer shipping and delivery arrangements for the phone that you’re buying. After you find the iPhone 6 for sale in the Philippines that you want to buy, use the chat option right on the page of the specific listing that you want. Use that to talk directly with the seller and negotiate or discuss arrangements with the seller until you’re satisfied with the conditions of the deal.

Frequently asked questions

The iPhone 6 series is now more affordable than ever after several years have passed since its release. With that said, if you’re interested in buying a phone from this series, expect the prices to range anywhere from PHP 1,000 to as much as PHP 28,000. The condition of the phone will also affect the price as well as the model so keep that in mind when purchasing them.

There are four different models within the iPhone 6 series: iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus These different models all fall within the iPhone 6 series, but they each have different specifications and features. Therefore, they also come at different price points.

Since the iPhone 6 is several years old, it’s quite likely that you’re only going to see a lot of used versions of this phone. As long as you remember to do your research and look into the condition of the phone itself before you buy it, you shouldn’t be too disappointed with what you get once you buy the used iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6s Plus has the better technology and features of all of the phones that fall within the iPhone 6 series. Therefore, if you’re interested in buying the best phone from the series, consider getting the iPhone 6s Plus.

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