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Get other iPhones for sale in the Philippines new and old with the help of Carousell. You can buy an older iPhone model for prices going as low as PHP 400.

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Other iPhones for Sale in the Philippines

There are all sorts of iPhones for sale in the Philippines given the long history of Apple as a world-renowned phone company. Since the more recent or newer models of the iPhone are quite expensive, there are still plenty of secondhand or older models of the iPhone available for purchase everywhere in the country that still work to this day.

Since there is a multitude of other iPhone models available, it can be difficult to figure out which one you want to buy. An example of an iPhone model that is still up for purchase to this day would be the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 is a pretty old model as Apple released it way back in 2010. Despite being quite old already and Apple has already discontinued this model, there are still plenty of this available for purchase. You can buy one for PHP 150 for the parts of an iPhone 4 to as much as PHP 12,000 for a used but working condition iPhone 4. A model that is a part of the iPhone 4 series that you can still find listings of to this day would be the iPhone 4s. Despite being part of the same series, the iPhone 4s is a year younger than the standard iPhone 4 and has more capabilities than the standard one. The price of the iPhone 4s is around PHP 250 for the original parts of an iPhone 4s to as much as PHP 6,000 for one in good condition with 64 GB of memory. A step up from the iPhone 4 series would be the iPhone 5 series. There are three models from this series and you can start with the standard iPhone 5. You can purchase a heavily used iPhone 5 for as cheap as PHP 400, but you can also buy this phone for as much as PHP 15,000. A part of the iPhone 5 series would be the iPhone 5c. You can also buy a heavily used iPhone 5c for as low as PHP 450 and it could reach up to prices of PHP 7,900 to take two of these used iPhone 5cs. Last but definitely not least from the iPhone 5 series would be the iPhone 5s. There are also plenty of listings for the iPhone 5s. If you’re interested in buying this phone, PHP 599 is the starting price for a heavily used version of this phone. On the other end of that, you can expect to pay PHP 25,000 for a 5s that’s in pretty good shape still.

There are plenty of other iPhones for sale that you can find that aren’t just the most recent models out there. You can narrow down your choices based on the specific models that you have in mind. Some might not be in the preset filters, so feel free to use the search bar to define the specific phone model that you want. After you find the listings that you are most interested in buying, contact the seller directly with the help of Carousell’s chat features to negotiate price or schedule an appointment for meetup or delivery with the seller all in one place.

Frequently asked questions

The cost for an iPhone would depend on the model, the generation, the condition, and the accessories that it comes with. With that said, older iPhone models are going to be much more affordable than their more recent models. For other older iPhone models, you can expect the price to range anywhere from PHP 400 for a defective iPhone 4 to as much as PHP 90,000 for the most recent models.

Before you buy a used iPhone model, it’s a good idea to check that the phone is not stolen. Otherwise, you might encounter issues in the future even if you buy them. Also, check the authenticity of the phone. Usually, you can check the serial number or model number of the iPhone to check whether it is a legitimate phone from Apple.

Apple released the iPhone 4 back in 2010 and released the iPhone 4s a year later. Although the two phones look the same in terms of overall dimensions, the iPhone 4s has a lot better features in terms of the camera, battery life, and even the processor, which is understandable given the better tech it’s likely to have since it’s released later than the iPhone 4.

You can certainly use an iPhone 3GS today as long as the batteries still work, but don’t expect any updates on it anytime soon or to be able to functionally use the more modern apps from the Apple store.

There are three iPhone 5 series models: iPhone 5 iPhone 5c iPhone 5s Each of them have different functionalities from the other, so do keep that in mind.

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