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Apartments and Condominiums for Sale in the Philippines

Many people are looking to expand their investments as they want to reduce their reliance on their salaries to keep them afloat. That’s why many people have started investing in apartments and condominiums for sale in the Philippines. This rise in interest also has driven plenty of property developers to create them so now there are a number of choices available in the market.

Plenty of people has started asking themselves where they can find a condo near me so that they can buy and invest in them. Whether you’re looking for an apartment or condo for sale in Metro Manila or outside of it, there are plenty of options available out there. A popular city in Metro Manila that has been gaining popularity would be Pasig City. Since there are plenty of business districts and offices that call this city their home, there’s no wonder that a lot of people are interested in buying apartments or condominium units in this city. For example, you can find a 1BR condo as a pre-selling condo with 29-square meters (sqm.) in this city for the price of PHP 4,500,088 and the unit is pet-friendly as well. Another city in Metro Manila that has a lot of condos and apartments that people are interested in would be Makati City. If this is a city that you’re interested in buying a unit from then here’s an example of a unit from here. You can buy a 2BR unit with 106-sqm. of floor area in the city for the price of PHP 28,620,000. It comes with two bathrooms as well. Of course, cities in Metro Manila aren’t the only ones getting much interest in terms of condos and apartments for sale. For example, Baguio City is particularly popular for people looking for a unit to purchase either for themselves or as an investment. Since it’s a common tourist area, especially during the summer months, then buying a unit from here is certainly a good investment. With that said, as an example, you can buy a 1BR unit for sale in this city with a 34-sqm. floor area for the price of PHP 6,000,000. This RFO unit is pet-friendly and is new. It’s fully furnished and even comes with a mountainous view. Another popular city outside of Metro Manila that is popular amongst tourists, as well as those looking for a condo to invest in, would be Tagaytay City. Again, since it’s a popular venue for local tourists, in particular, you can use the unit that you buy and turn it into a rental for tourists. For example, there is a 1BR unit available for purchase for the price of PHP 4,500,000 and it’s also RFO so you can move in soon or rent it out to potential tenants whenever you finish all negotiations.

There are so many units available for purchase throughout the country and you can luckily find a lot of these listings on Carousell. Once you narrow down your search and find the unit that you want to buy, then you can use the chat feature to contact the property’s owner or manager as soon as possible without leaving the site or app. You can then start discussing and negotiating on matter such as whether they accept bank financing, in-house financing or Pag-IBIG, as well as schedule tours of the unit you want to buy so you can decide if it’s something worth investing in for yourself.

Frequently asked questions

The location of the unit can dictate how much an apartment or condo will cost anywhere in the country. However, you can expect the units to cost you anywhere from PHP 1,000,000 for an affordable unit to as much as PHP 88,000,000,000.

Since there are many more high-rise developments right in the heart of major cities or areas in the country, this prime real estate attracts both tenants as well as investors. Thus, if you end up purchasing an apartment or condo as an investment, you can find a way to get back profit from it easily either by selling it off or renting it out to locals and tourists.

There are no issues with buying a used condo or apartment. In some cases, it can even get you a discount. For example, some units come semi or fully furnished which is convenient because you can move in as soon as possible and you don’t have to spend as much money on furnishings.

RFO is short for ready for occupancy so a unit that’s RFO means that you can move into it as soon as possible once all negotiations are finished.

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