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House and Lot for Sale in the Philippines

One of the main goals that many people have in life is to be a homeowner. Once you own a home, it feels like you have something to call your own no matter what happens in life. Nowadays, people are also buying a house and lot for sale in the Philippines to help broaden their investments so that they can be even more stable in life.

Whether you’re interested in buying a house for that life goal or you also want another type of investment to supplement the income for your family, then buying a house and lot is certainly worth the investment. No matter where in the country you want to settle down, there are surely houses and lots available for you to purchase there. If you’re thinking about buying a house in Metro Manila, then all of the cities there are quite populated so there are plenty of cities to choose from. For example, Quezon City is one of the most popular cities in the metro with plenty of residents living there. Townhouses are a particularly popular option in terms of a house and lot for sale in Quezon City. You can get a townhouse with four bedrooms and a two-car garage with a floor area size of 160-square meters (sqm.) for the price of PHP 14,500,000. Another city in Metro Manila that you should consider buying from as well would be Paranaque City. There is plenty of affordable houses and lot for sale available there as well as luxury homes. If you want to buy a house in this city, then an example of a house that you can buy in this neighborhood would be this bungalow with 160-sqm. of floor area. You can buy this house for PHP 17,000,000 and it comes with 3BR and bathrooms. This house is pre-owned so it can be lower than the usual market price for a property in a neighborhood of this size. Aside from cities within Metro Manila, there are also plenty of houses and lots available for purchase in areas outside of it. For example, Cebu City is a popular place for people to move into. There are houses with 71-sqm. of floor area and 3BR with two bathrooms available in this neighborhood. The price for such a house in Cebu would be around PHP 2,000,000 which is an affordable house. Given the fact that you’re going to be able to own a property for yourself, this price is one of the cheapest that you can find, especially for a 3BR house. If you want to get more discounts on a house, though, it’s a good idea to buy a pre-selling house. There are plenty of those out there. For example, there is a pre-selling duplex in Antipolo City that’s available for purchase for PHP 6,500,000.

The choices of properties and homes for sale in the country are numerous and you can find a lot of them listed on Carousell where you can filter through them to find the house that fits your needs the best. You can even narrow it down to pre-owned or foreclosed properties to get these homes for less. There’s also the chat option that’s present so that you don’t have to leave the site or app to be able to get in touch with property owners and managers and discuss financing options, tours, as well as ask about the amenities and features of the property before making up your mind about buying it.

Frequently asked questions

There is plenty of affordable houses and lot for sale in the Philippines as well as more luxurious choices. That’s why you can buy a house for as low as PHP 1,000,000 to as much as PHP 888,888,888 for full-on resorts style properties.

A pre-selling house and lot mean that the home is still undergoing construction so it isn’t there just yet. Despite that, the property developer has already accepted buyers. They will get a sure buyer after the construction, while the potential buyer can get the house for a lower-than-market-value price.

If you’re buying a house because you want to turn it into a profitable investment or business, then foreclosed properties are a great choice because of how affordable they can be. You don’t have to spend as much on capital so you have a higher profit margin than if you bought a new house to turn into an investment. Aside from that, you can buy them in bulk and get further discounts.

A single detached house is a structure that has open spaces on all sides, and has no dwellings either above it or below it while A single attached house, meanwhile, is a structure that stands on its own and only shares a single firewall with the neighbor’s house.

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