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Take your home to the next level with these entertainment systems and smart home devices for sale in the Philippines. Buy them in Carousell starting as low as PHP 27.

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Entertainment Systems and Smart Home Devices for Sale in the Philippines

A home entertainment system is a combination of devices that provide audio, video, and other content to an audience in the comfort of their own home. On the other hand, smart home devices are the latest trend in home automation. They can do everything from turning off the lights to monitoring your health. Together, entertainment systems and smart home devices for sale in the Philippines help make your home more comfortable and enjoyable to stay in.

There are many devices and gadgets that make up your home entertainment system, and that doesn’t include the smart home hubs that you’re getting for your house either. For a Filipino household, you can’t say that your entertainment system is complete without having a karaoke machine in it. Every celebration won’t be complete without someone belting their heart out for the world to hear. With that in mind, you should expect your karaoke machine to cost anywhere from PHP 250 to as much as PHP 46,000. Another part of your home entertainment system that you should have would be a streaming device that allows you to connect to entertainment networks of all kinds. Otherwise, your TV or home entertainment system might not have any shows for you or your potential guests to watch or stream. If you’re looking for a reliable streaming device, then expect them to cost around PHP 650 to PHP 23,000. Of course, we can’t forget the smart home hubs that your home can have to automate different processes of managing your home. A popular brand for smart home hubs or devices would be Amazon, specifically their Amazon Echo. You can use Amazon’s voice recognition to help you schedule tasks, and since it’s from Amazon, you can even order things from Amazon there. The price of an Amazon Echo would be around PHP 1,000 to as much as PHP 15,500. Amazon isn’t the only one that is thriving in terms of smart home hubs or devices. Google also has its Google Home device that helps homeowners automate everything that they could through Google. It also helps that they have a powerful search engine that everyone knows about. If you prefer to use Google Home devices instead, then you should prepare a budget of around PHP 620 to as much as PHP 8,799 overall.

If you want to find a good place to buy these entertainment system devices and smart home hubs, then Carousell is a great place to start. You can find both new and used gadgets and devices for your home. You can even use the options available to only see the results of items that best fit your budget, the condition you want them to be in, and so on. It’s also convenient because you can chat directly with the seller without leaving the platform once you’re interested in buying their wares. There you can discuss payment options, shipping/delivery methods, meet-up schedules, and many other things.

Frequently asked questions

For PHP 27 to PHP 2,950,000 you can find and buy parts of entertainment systems as well as smart home devices available in the country. Overall, the price of these devices, gadgets, and system parts will depend on factors such as the current condition, the brand, the model, and whether you’re getting it used or new.

A smart home is a house that has been modified to use the Internet of Things or IoT and other technology to provide more convenience, safety, and control. For example, you can control your lights with your voice or by tapping a button on your phone. You can even program your thermostat so that it will automatically turn off when you leave the house for the day.

A home entertainment system is a set of audio and video components that are connected to provide entertainment. The essential items in a home entertainment system include the TV, Video player, Speakers, DVD player, Cable box, Satellite receiver, and more.

It might be, but you have to be careful. While the price of new systems has gone up in recent years, there are still plenty of bargains to be found in the secondhand market. You can find a full-sized TV for less than PHP 10,000 and speakers for less than PHP 2,500. Make sure that you check out the entire system carefully first before spending money on them to ensure that you make the most out of the bargain that you get.

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