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New and Used PlayStation Games for Sale

PlayStation is a video game brand produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The first PlayStation console was released in Japan in December 1994 and worldwide the following year. PlayStation consists of five home video game consoles, two handhelds, a media center, and a smartphone as well as an online service and multiple magazines. It was the brain-child of Ken Kutaragi, one of Sony’s executives and was later dubbed ‘’The Father of the PlayStation’’.

The original PlayStation, released in Japan in December 1994 was the first of the ubiquitous series of console and handheld-game devices. In the succeeding years, Sony would develop additional PlayStation consoles but with more advanced features and specs. The PlayStation would continue to become one of the most popular consoles in the world, gaining even more popularity than the Nintendo series. In the Philippines, video games are currently the fad as the country sees more gamers and gaming enthusiasts emerging. Different video games and consoles are being sold in every major shop across the country. On Carousell, we can see a long list of new and used video games and consoles up for sale. Available video games vary from action to adventure and are sold separately at very affordable prices. Brand new games compatible with the PlayStation 3 device can be bought for PHP 400 – PHP 1000 each while well-used games can be purchased for as low as PHP 300 per disc. New PS2 games can be availed for PHP 390 – PHP 590 and around PHP 400– PHP 1200 for PlayStation 4 games. Several video games for PlayStation 5 are also being sold at a price range of PHP 700 – PHP 2000 each. Pre-loved PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 video consoles cost around PHP 5500 – PHP 9500. PS consoles for sale come with complete accessories and are in pristine condition.  The PlayStation series hold a CD technology that enables the games to hold more information – bigger space bigger games, and that is why this particular line of consoles has become increasingly popular with kids and adults alike. Sony also worked with 3rd parties to bring games over to their platform, so not only are games like Final Fantasy VII possible on the system, they aren't possible on other platforms. In addition, the games on PS have a very high resolution making them friendlier for hardcore gamers. The PlayStation is also equipped with built-in storage upgrade options allowing users to have a unique and better experience with the device compared with other consoles. The PlayStation 5, which is the newest addition to the PS series, comes with a customized CPU and GPU with the system playing host to an ultra-high speed SSD hard drive, allowing for lightning fast loading speeds.

To avail of used and new PS games and consoles, simply log on to Carousell and check out the latest listings. Items are either shipped or can be bought through meet-ups. Payment options vary from Bank or G-cash transfers to COD deliveries. You may directly contact the sellers on the website for easier transactions.

Frequently asked questions

A used Playstation game console can cost between PHP5,000 to PHP 9,000 depending on the state of the console. For this price range, it already comes with game controllers and adapters. Playstation games, on the other hand, can cost around PHP 700 to 1200.

Especially if you’re a game enthusiast, a PlayStation is fast, easy to use, and has got great games.

Consoles have advantages over PCs: They are easy to use, don't require upgrades, make for simple multiplayer with console-owning friends, are generally cheaper, and use wireless controllers that allow you to have a more active experience.

Important specs you should look at are the: CPU, GPU, RAM, system storage, expandable storage, extended storage, video output, audio output, connectivity, and networking features.

Yes. Carousell is a legitimate website that serves as a platform for sellers to market their products online. Carousell has good reviews and ratings.