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10,000+ Women's Slippers & Slides for Sale in the Philippines | Carousell

Get comfortable footwear anywhere with these women's slippers and slides for sale in the Philippines. Enjoy them at bargain rates starting @ PHP 7 here on Carousell.

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Women's Slippers & Slides for Sale in the Philippines

When it comes to wearing comfortable and easy-to-wear footwear, you should consider getting yourself reliable slippers and slides.

There are many brands that have come out to create their own version of slides and slippers. One of the most iconic ones is from Crocs, which are customizable and they are comfortable to boot. If you want to get ones from Crocs, they cost around PHP 100 to PHP 9,500. When people wear slippers and slides, they are usually doing this for comfort so when you’re talking about comfort, you might as well elevate it even further by getting yourself some memory foam slippers and slides. The price of these slippers and slides is around PHP 250 to PHP 1,800. Many households in the Philippines aren’t complete without slippers for going outside to run some small errands. One of the most recognizable slipper brands for many out there would be Havaianas. If you’re interested in getting Havaianas slippers, these will have a price ranging from PHP 60 to PHP 7,994. Speaking of popular brands, a high-end brand that people would first think of when they want to get more expensive slides for their wardrobe would be Gucci. There are also plenty of Gucci sandals and slides available for purchase. With that in mind, the price of these Gucci slides cost around PHP 150 to PHP 99,999.

If you want to buy women’s slippers and slides for sale in the Philippines in one place with a variety of options, then Carousell is the best place to start.

Frequently asked questions

Slippers and slides are both footwear used for indoor use. They are also both made of fabric. But they are not the same. Slippers are typically worn as a form of comfort and warmth, while slides are typically worn to protect the feet from cold and wet conditions. Slides can be used to protect your feet from wet conditions in an outdoor setting, but you would need to wear other suitable footwear for that purpose.

It can be difficult to find a good deal on slides and slippers, but there are some ways to make it worth your while. There are some ways you can make it worthwhile to buy secondhand slides and slippers. One way is by buying from a seller who has a high rating. Another way is by buying from a seller who has been around for a long time. Lastly, another way is by buying from someone who offers free shipping and returns. Secondhand slides and slippers are not always worth the purchase, but they can be if you do your research first!

The price of these slippers and slides ranges from PHP 7 to as much as PHP 68,000.

Slides are good for walking, but they can be a little uncomfortable when you are wearing them for long periods of time. Slides are good for people who want to walk a lot, but they can be uncomfortable if you're wearing them for long periods of time.

Flip-flops are a summer staple for many people. They're easy to slip on, and they're comfortable to wear. Slides are more versatile than flip-flops, but they don't look as good. Flip flops are more comfortable and easy to slip on, but slides have more versatility in terms of the activities you can do with them. They also look better than flip-flops because of the design and material used for them.

Slippers are a must-have item in every household. But it is not just about comfort and warmth, there are other reasons why slippers should be a part of your house. The first reason is that they keep your feet warm and dry. They also provide an extra layer of insulation to keep your feet warmer than bare feet. The second reason is that they provide a barrier between the floor and your foot, keeping the floor cleaner and preventing the spread of bacteria. The third reason is that slippers make it easy to clean up after messy kids at home or pets who might track in dirt from outside.

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