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1 Kilo Talaba Shells

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1 Kilo Oyster/Talaba Shells for bio filter media. Oyster shells have an exceptionally stabilizing effect on the KH value and consequently indirectly on the pH value. Cleaned using chlorine and dried already. 100% Ready To Use! Can also be use as Poultry Feed to mix in powder. 1 Kilogram Oyster Shell Talaba (Cleaned and Sun-Dried) Goof for Pet Birds and Fish or for Home Decoration or Design For Birds: Grit is important to birds & chickens as it’s used for efficient digestion.Adding oyster shell to an adult bird’s diet is as simple as that – add it. It can be fed separately, sprinkled on the ground, mixed with grit or silica (clay sources of silica are packed with other benefits), or mixed with food. For Fish & Aquariums: Aquatic pets that require a higher pH and/or love alkaline water, will respond positively to the addition of oyster shell in their environment. It’s perfect for healthy, smooth shell development in snails. Cichlids, Livebearers or other fish that require higher levels of pH and alkalinity will thrive. For Home Design or Decoration: from oyster shell lamps and chandeliers to DIY Oyster Shell Jewelry and more! Use your creative idea. For Recycling Purposes: Helps limit garbage disposal of restaurants. Turn it to reef castles for baby oysters. For wholesale please pm us. #talaba #oyster #shell #filter #aquariumfilter #pondfilter #aquarium #pond #fishpond #JcAquaPets #AquaPets #FishPets #AquariumPets #AquariumSupply #FishPondSupply #OysterShell #Talabashell #biofiltermedia #FilterMedia #poultryfeed #poultry Can deliver same day if along cavite.

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Smooth and fast transaction! Highly recommended seller! Super bait niya!

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Great seller! Item was as described. Thank you very much for the pleasant translation. God bless you!

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easy to negotiate and very kind seller thanks and more customers to come!! padayon!

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