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1 Remaining Slot in Canva Teams Annual Subscription (SURE BUYERS ONLY)

PHP 798



Lipa City



1 month ago

Hi! One of my college besties and I are looking for three people to fill up the one (1) slot remaining in our Canva Teams subscription. No added fees! Though we know it’s not necessary to have all the seats filled up, the cozzie livs have gone up and we’re just twenty-somethings trying to make ends meet. By opening our subscription up to three other people who need it as well, we can all save money. IMPORTANT: Sure buyers only. No forfeitures or cancellations! If you forfeit your slot, no refund will be issued. So be very sure if you choose to get the slot. [STEPS] 1. Comment down below and let me know your preferred way of reaching you. 2. I’ll introduce me and my bestie. I’ll send you the profiles we have, our businesses, our Carousell accounts, screenshots of our Canva Teams to prove that we are legit and we really do use Canva. 3. Background review will commence. Kindly send me your LinkedIn, your Carousell account (better if you have good reviews), your Twitter handle, your Instagram, and your Facebook profile. We want to make sure who we’re dealing with is legit. If you pass the background review, the slot is reserved to you (not yet fully yours). 4. I will indicate how many have joined and which one in the Payment Plan tier you’ll be availing. Kindly choose your preferred method of payment (Available Methods of Payment after the Payment Plan section). 5. I will await your payment. If payment isn’t made within the day, the slot is no longer open to you. If you let me know beforehand that you’re waiting for some money to come to you, I can give you a maximum of three (3) days. Once payment is confirmed, the slot is now yours and you get to use it for the rest of the year. [PAYMENT PLAN] We’re already two in there, and the plan accommodates five, so: If a third person joins: - Third person pays PHP 1,330 to secure the slot. - Once a fourth person secures the slot, third person get refunded PHP 332 If a fourth person joins, - Fourth person pays PHP 998 - Once a fifth person secures the slot, fourth person get refunded PHP 200 If a fifth person joins, - Fifth person pays PHP 798 - Third person gets refunded PHP 200 [AVAILABLE METHODS OF PAYMENT] - Fund Transfer (GCash, Maya, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Tonik Bank) - Credit Card (Plus Transaction Fees + 12% VAT)


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Since this is a digital product, there will be no meet-up, mailing, or delivery.

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fast and decisive buyer

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Responsive, accommodating and polite. Very maasikaso, masipag and sensitive to my needs as a buyer. Thank you! 😊

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