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DESCRIPTION DRIVE WALKER Silver Walker is an aluminum foldable walker comes with a standard height. It renders immense support and stability to walk and even improves the posture of the body to a great extent. People suffering from osteoarthritis can be well benefited from this equipment. It is designed with smooth and gentle handles to walk with. This walker is strong yet lightweight and easy to take along. Best suited for the elderly as it allows them self reliance along with easy functioning. This walker is user-friendly and allows a person with limited knowledge of the product can use it with much ease. It is a one-button folding walker that does not require much of your time in opening and closing it. Karma walker comes with a height as much as 76 - 85 cms. It enables a person even with a good height to walk comfortably. This Walker can be easily carried with this significant feature of folding. Press of a button and the Walker gets folded in no time. DRIVE Walker Silver Features Aluminum Reciprocal Folding Walker One button folding walker 8 sections height adjustable Height Length: 76 - 85 cm Color: Bronze (Copper polish)

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