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Canon Autoboy Luna

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San Mateo



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Film Camera



Canon Autoboy Luna Panorama AiAf Japanese version with adjustable shooting modes, quartzdate, and captions Good body condition Clean lens and VF LCD is working Autofocus mechanism is reponsive Works with battery (flash, lens, motor, and LCD turns on) Uses CR123/CR123A battery Fully functional Film tested and used personally With free hand strap Actual photo posted Php 5000 only šŸ“© DM for inquiries

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@koyamartenāˆ™2 years ago

Seller is very patient and informative. Answers inquiries right away and very kind! Item arrived in great packaging. Thank you so much, sir!

Kiev 4 Rangefinder Film Camera

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@sireneoāˆ™2 years ago

Thank you so much for being responsive and patient to my almost never-ending queries especially as a beginner! Seller is more than willing to inform and help the buyer learn more about the product which I really appreciate. Smooth transaction since the day I took interest 'til now that it arrived to me. Will also assure you with things regarding shipment especially involving a film camera. 10/10!

Olympus PEN EE Half-Frame Film Camera

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@jigs.swingāˆ™2 years ago

Easy to transact with and very fast replies. Also answers my inquiries about the product. Recommended seller!šŸ‘ŒšŸ»

Canon AF35M (Canon Autoboy / Canon Sure Shot)

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