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Carrying Tank Trolley

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RTK Screw Most Complete Corp. #556 Tomas Mapua St. Binondo Manila Official Supplier/Distributor!!! *Original Manufacturer of Screw,Doorhandle,Wheel, Hinge etc.. Price depends on its Capacity/Size Available for pick up and delivery āœļø Specifications and prices may change from time to time so please confirm before placing your order. For Quotations and Inquiries, Look for Ms Kate Landline # (02) 8732-4868 Globe # & Viber # 09665031489 Smart # 09602594998 Location:#556 Tomas Mapua St. Binondo Manila Store open: Monday-Saturday (9:00am-6:00pm) šŸ“Œ Mode of Payment:šŸ“Œ *Cash *Bank transfer thru AUB *Gcash

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