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🎋🐶DOG2 018 *Three Horoscope Allies Amulet - Tiger, Horse & Dog or Horoscope Allies Keyring - Tiger, Dog and Horse is a must-have good luck charm for Dog people. This charm will help compensate the lack of luck and success, even if the year's horoscope prediction does not look good. Your zodiac friends will give you the power and vigour to get through these tricky times, as well as excel in your studies or business endeavors. In addition to this, your zodiac allies will help you with your relationships, keeping your friends loyal and your enemies at bay. You will be safeguarded from betrayal and backstabbing, and you will be able to attract new, worthy friends as well as helpful people into your life. RED JADE - is the CHI stone, bringing forward the energy of a warrior. Its powerful dispelling the fear, worry and doubt that ones hold back and urges one to take action. It is a stone of physical vitality, strength and passion stimulating the life force energy. Red Jade is also know as a powerful stone of luck, carrying a frequency of material prosperity and physical health. It is less suited to long-term prosperity than Green Jade. Green Jade - Stone of Wealth. Know as a good luck and prosperity charm for centuries. It was widely used as a talisman to attract good fortune and also known to bring good luck and prosperity. Provides wisdom when evaluating issues or problems; and brings needed energy, which is so important in managing the Business or Just making Money in general. Pearl carrying a symbolic Feng Shui pearl containing, a person's good luck and prosperity would become highly improved and enhanced. Dragon Eye career stone for difficult times teaching us how to save and accurately distribute our strength, energy and resources. In line with this, dragons eye is considered a focus of energies that protect our wealth, money, happiness and peace. Firefly in Feng Shui symbolizes Hope,Energy, Guidance, Patience, New Ideas, Efficiency & Creativity Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry. It is a very protective stone and is great to carry to help you stay grounded in many situations. 3 Celestial Guards to prevent misfortune related to relationships, money and reputation loss, accidents or any untoward incidents. At the same time this will help you to attract wealth and success.

Gemstones are one of them most thoughtful gifts that you can give a loved one or that special someone in your life. Each gemstone has specific properties that are said to have special healing properties or bring out certain characteristics in the person who’s holding/ wearing it. Many ancient and modern civilizations have been entranced by the powers of various gemstones and affirmed that these powers are real. Be the one to let your loved one / closest friends to experience this ✨🔮Because they actually deserve to claim the Healing Wonders of the Universe✨


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We only sell Natural Genuine Gemstones / Semi Precious Stones. Everything Onhand. Free Shipping via LBC (paid by the shopkeeper to ensure fast and safe deliveries) Repair, restring of charms bought from us and shipping cost sending back to you is FREE of charge. Made to order customize request are welcome and you will be updated on the draft design and choices of charms pcs / materials will be send to you. LayAway Plan Available We ship worldwide Dadmomchofabshoppe Est.2007 09166258798

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