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Colorful Long Cat Stick Pompom Flexible Cat Toy Playtime For Adult Cats Kitten Any Breed 40cm-65cm

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For Cats

Length: Multicolored Feather - 65cm (approx 25 in) Round Fur - 40cm (approx 15.7in) Colors Available: 🌈Multicolored Feather 🔴 Red 🔵Blue ⚫Black ⚪White

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@klga721 month ago

My cat fits perfectly as described by seller. The carrier is easy to build sturdy and light. The seller is also very accommodating with all my questions.

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@Strut_It_Boutique1 month ago

Thank you

@arin2252 months ago

Legit !And very nice seller! Super fast transaction too!😍.. thank you so much po.❤️

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