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PHP 2,250

Entry Level Astronomical Telescope F36050

PHP 2,250



1 month ago



F36050 is a small refracting telescope, with a large aperture (50mm) and the advantages of low prices, it's portable size, perfect for beginners, amateur astronomers use. It does not occupy too much space and is suitable for beginners who like to try astronomy. It is equipped with 2 eyepieces with different magnifications and 1.5X magnification mirror. It allows you to freely match and observe objects of different distances and sizes. Item: F50360 Astronomical Telescope Clear Aperture: 50 mm (about 1.97 inch) Focal Distance: 360 mm 90 degree Zenith Objective Lens Aluminum tripod (Height 38 cm) Distinguish-ability: 2.000 second of arc Theoretically speaking, it's able to distinguish two points between 0.97 cm over 1000m distance. Standard accessory includes: 90 ° Zenith Len x 1, Eyepieces × 2: H20 mm, H6 mm, 1.5 times erector × 1 (For getting a erect image), Moon Optical light filter × 1, Horizontal angle adjustment rod. Max Multiples: 90 times, Be able to see the moon clearly! For the other possible Multiples: (the focal distance is 300mm) Eyepiece H 6mm Only = 360/6 = 60 times. Matched with 1.5 times erecting lens=50*1.5 =90 times (Good for Observing the moon at night.) Eyepiece H20mm Only = 360/20= 18 times. Matched with 1.5 times erecting lens=18*1.5=27 times (Good for object observing at day time,like bird watching, animal spotting, etc.) Main Indicators: ★ Refraction type/focal length: 360mm, clear aperture: 50mm ★ Can group 60 times, 18 times, plus 1.5x erect lens can group 90 times, 27 times. ★ Theoretical resolution: 2.000 arc seconds, which is equivalent to seeing two objects 0.970 cm apart at 1000 meters. ★ The color of the main lens barrel: silver (pictured) ★ Weight: about 1 kg Viewing combination: 1.5x erect image lens H20mm eyepiece (complete erect image) Usage Rules: 1. Pull the supporting legs apart, install the telescope tube on the yoke, and adjust it with a large lock screw. 2. Insert the zenith lens into the focusing tube and fix it with the corresponding screws. 3. Install the eyepiece on the zenith mirror and fix it with the corresponding screws. 4. If you want to magnify with an erect lens, install it between the eyepiece and the lens barrel (no need to install a 90-degree zenith lens), so that you can view the celestial body. Specifications: Focal Length: 360mm Diameter: 50mm Magnification: 18 x to 90 x Color: Mainly Black Weight: about 1kg (with packing) Package detail: 1 x 360/50mm Promo Monocular Space Astronomical Telescope 1 x H6mm Eyepiece 1 x H20mm Eyepiece 1 x 1.5X Range Extender 1 x User Manual 1 x Cleaning Cloth 1 x Metal Tripod

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@engrmndz1 year ago

Very responsive and laging may update si seller. Got the item nang super bilis and same as how it was advertised. Thank you, Maam! Sa uulitin po. God bless!

@marialobsan1 year ago

seller on time during meetup. considerate and very accomodating. he answered all my questions regarding the item. the invoker mouse pad fits perfectly on my desk and it looks great. what you see is what you get.

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Hi, is this still available?

Is the price negotiable?

Can I see more photos?