PHP 1,500

Hennessy VSOP 750ml

PHP 1,500



Quezon City



3 months ago

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@mincole10223 months ago

Great seller!! Napakabaet wala ako masabe! Even though may nauna na sa items and mas tinaasan yung offer di naghesitate si seller na ibigay saken ng offer ko na discount nung nalaman nya igigift ko sa papa ko,🥺 thank you so much po kulang po talaga budget but the seller wants my papa to be happy this christmas!♥️ wala po ako masabe and trusted po talaga si seller, thank you and happy holiday😊

Hennessy VSOP 750ml

PHP 1,500

@nelandes3 months ago

Very accommodating! If you’re buying please dont heritate Ms. Angel is a trusted and legit seller. Thanks you! Till next time.

Johnie walker double black

PHP 800

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