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Korean Pouch Drink Delaffe Cantata Cafe Bene Ice Talk

PHP 59



Caloocan City



2 months ago

Start your day right with them famous Korean pouch drinks! Price starts at 59 pesos per pouch!!! Cafe Bene drinks - 59 each πŸ’œ Americano πŸ’œ Black Coffee πŸ’œ Blue Lemon πŸ’œ Green Grape πŸ’œ Hazelnut πŸ’œ Omija πŸ’œ Peach πŸ’œ Pineapple Cantata drinks - 84 each πŸ’š Black Coffee πŸ’šCaramel Macchiato - SOLD OUT πŸ’šHazelnut πŸ’š Sweet Americano πŸ’š Vanilla Delaffe drinks - Regular -109 each, Big - 139 each πŸ’™ Black Americano (R/B) πŸ’™ Green Grape (B) πŸ’™ Hazelnut (R) πŸ’™ Peach (R/B) πŸ’™ Sweet Americano (R/B) Ice Talk - 79 each πŸ’› Blue Lemon πŸ’› Green Grape πŸ’› Kiwi πŸ’› Passion Mango πŸ’› Pomegranate

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