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MARPRO USA MPD9000EWi 300A 7.5kva Diesel Welding Generator

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MARPRO USA MPD9000EWi 300A 7.5kva Diesel Welding Generator šŸ“Œ TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Model: MPD9000EWi Type of Cooling: Air-cooling Electrode Diameter: 1.6-6mm Range of Welding Current Regulation: 20-300A Rated Frequency: 60Hz Rated Voltage: 220V Rated Power: 7.0kW Max Power: 7.5kW Power Factor: 1.0 Welding Voltage: 25-30 DC V Rated Welding Current: 50A-200A Fuel Tank Capacity: 12.5L Rated Rotation Speed: 3600r/min Phase: Single Phase šŸ“Œ PRODUCT FEATURES: āˆš Uses the extremely light type, air-cooled, four stroke and directly injecting type diesel engine. āˆš Widely used for the field, outdoor operations, engineering construction, piping construction, the movable power supply for the field army, and the power supply for the electric welding construction. āˆš Also the essential power supply for the emergency, spare uses and electric welding construction in the commercial ships, naval ships, animal, husbandry and fish industries, forestry and garden guesthouse and shops, commercial decoration, small type processing workshops šŸ“Œ PACKAGE INCLUSION: 1 x Diesel Welder and Generator Set 1 x Tool Bag 1 x Plastics Housing Piece (set) 1 x Power Supply Socket 1 x Instruction Manual

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