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StemEnhance Ultra from Cerule (USA)

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Stem cells occur naturally in the body and serve to replenish cells that are lost through normal wear and tear or injury.* As we age, our body’s ability to self-repair and maintain optimum health decreases due to a reduction in the number of circulating stem cells associated with the normal aging process. Increasing the number of circulating stem cells is believed to support the body’s process of self-repair and self-renewal.* StemEnhance® ULTRA is the result of 18 years of research and constitutes the most efficacious and scientifically proven stem cell support product in the market today. Through multiple clinical trials, StemEnhance® Ultra was documented to optimize stem cell function in the body by increasing the number of both stem cells and Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs) in the blood circulation, supporting optimum renewal. StemEnhance® also contains Mesenkine®; which was shown to increase the blood concentration of G-CSF that plays a role in stem cell release. SALE PRICE: P4k until the end of Feb. 2023 or until supplies last!!!!



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