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Typomount 360 / Dental Phantom head and Typodont Mount

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TYPOMOUNT 360 ORIG PRICE ₱980 ‣ A mounting pole for your phantom head and typodont models (Nissin, Trimunt, Kilgore, etc.) Key features: 1. STAINLESS STEEL POLE ‣ Resistant to corrosion and rust ‣ Length: 30 cm / 12 inches ‣ Diameter: 1.2 cm / 1/2 inch ‣ Will fit in any typodont articulator and phantom head hole (Nissin, Trimunt, etc.) since they are typically 11-14 mm in diameter 2. 360 ROTATABLE BALL AND SOCKET JOINT ‣ 360 degrees allow rotary motion in every direction to freely move the position of your typodont. ‣ Offers convenience for students with limited working space, instead of moving your chair, adjust the position of the typomount instead (up, down, sideways, etc.) ‣ Allows you to simulate your patient’s position ‣ Suitable for both right and left handed 3. HEAVY-DUTY TABLE CLAMP ‣ Suitable for different countertops or tables with 2 inches thickness and below (table clamp) ‣ The rubber ensures stability so you can work efficiently ‣ The rubber also ensures no scratch will be left on the table surface ‣ Heavy-duty clamp that can support the weight of your hand, typodont model and phantom head Class I vs Class II: ‣They are practically the same. Both I and II have the key features: stainless steel pole, 360 ball and socket joint, & heavy-duty table clamp. The only difference is the design. Materials used: ‣ Stainless steel - pole, screw ‣ Aluminum alloy - clamp, table top, ball and socket joint NO ANY ISSUES

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