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Waterproof Sealant Silicone Neutral Clear 300ml Haus Brand

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Product : Haus Silicon Sealant Brown with Nozzle ● Available Color : Brown, Clear, White and Black ● Net Weight : 300ml ● Unit Size : 49*49*230mm ● IDEAL FOR CAULKING AND SEALING ● Multiple applications: Can be used on surfaces like glasses, windows, and wood boards ● INDOOR / OUTDOOR ● Provides durable, long-lasting protection ● Description : A component, RTV neutral cure silicone sealant formulated to provide superior adhesive quality and durability to wide range of glazing, weather sealing and trade application. Haus silicone sealantA16 is not only capable of sealing most common building materials but also tough and difficult materials like concrete and stone products. It offers exceptional resistance to weathering, extreme temperature and moisture.It can also be applied between walls, ceilings, corners, door/window frames, walls and along baseboards and cornices. #Sealant #SealantSilicon #Adhesive #Silicone #Haus #Brown #Black #White #Clear #Nuetral

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