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Foreclosed Preselling condos for sale in San Roque Poblacion Antipolo. Carousell offers rush sale for RFO & fully furnished condos. Starting from PHP 3,500,200!

Apartment and Condo for Sale in San Roque (Poblacion), Antipolo City

San Roque, also known as Poblacion, is a barangay located in Antipolo City within the Rizal province of the CALABARZON region. San Roque, Antipolo City has a population of 70,120 which accounts for almost 8% of the population of Antipolo City overall as determined by the 2020 census. San Roque (Pob.), Antipolo City is a well-developed area with amenities like art museums and resorts nearby to entertain local and foreign tourists alike.

Aside from these interesting features, Barangay San Roque (Pob.), Antipolo City also has a number of pre-selling condos and bank foreclosed condos, and you can find a condominium for sale in many strategic sites. Many of these condos for sale are pre-selling condos so it’s great for people looking to invest in real estate or people looking for affordable condos. A pre-selling condo unit for sale with one bedroom 1BR usually costs somewhere between PHP 4,700,000 - PHP 8,300,000. For 2BR condo units for sale in San Roque (Pob.), Antipolo City, the average selling price is PHP 4,800,000, but you can expect some prices to reach up to PHP 8,700,000 as well. For those with growing families, they can enjoy a 3BR condo for sale in San Roque (Pob.), Antipolo City for a price range starting from PHP 6,800,000 to PHP 9,100,000. For much larger and more established families, you can find 5BR condo units for sale at a starting price of around PHP 13,600,000. San Roque (Pob.), Antipolo City is a great place to start a family given its proximity to many schools as well. Plus, the condo units for sale also provide parking lots counted along with their selling price. You can enjoy different styles from modern condos to elegant apartments depending on what you prefer as well. The properties in Barangay San Roque (Pob.), Antipolo City are close enough to the city so that you don’t feel disconnected, but are close enough to lush, natural environments for those looking for a balance between the two in their residence. Many of them are also ready for occupancy or RFO. It’s definitely a beautiful place for those who want to move out from larger metropolitan areas or people looking to start a family.

Given all that San Roque (Pob.) has to offer, people looking to move into a new place or are looking for a real estate investment will surely find something in this barangay. From entertainment amenities nearby to developing residential areas around San Roque, all of this makes it a worthy investment. Plus, you can also easily purchase a condo for sale or any other property in San Roque through bank financing or by paying in monthly installments with varying amounts of interest and discounts. To know more about payment and financing options, you can easily reach out to sellers and property owners using Carousell.

Frequently asked questions

There are a number of properties that you can buy in San Roque, Antipolo City. Many of them are pre-selling condos as well. For pre-selling condos, you can purchase one for as low as PHP 4,100,000. Any 1BR condo unit that you might want to purchase would have a price range starting from PHP 3,300,000 to PHP 11,900,000.

San Roque, Antipolo City is a continuously growing community that combines both a metropolitan area with a more Mediterranean lifestyle. Since it’s still growing to its full potential, as an investment, you want to get in on it as early as possible. Given its proximity to many resorts, museums, and other popular attractions, it’s a convenient location for anyone who wants to be within easier reach of these spots.

The barangays of Antipolo City that share a boundary with Barangay San Roque (Pob.) would be Beverly Hills, Dela Paz, Dalig, San Isidro, and San Jose. The point where the boundaries between Barangay San Roque, San Jose, San Isidro, and Dela Paz meet is where the city proper, also locally known as bayan.

Pre-selling condos are condominium units that haven’t completed construction yet. Since it hasn’t been completed, pre-selling condos are usually cheaper than completed condos or condos ready for occupancy.

Bank foreclosed properties are real estate properties that have been repossessed by the lender, such as banks and a number of different financial institutions because the previous owner defaulted on their mortgage.

Yes! Pre-selling condos are great investments since these are usually cheaper than the market price. Whether you turn your pre-selling condo into a rental property or a residential property, you’ll be able to enjoy purchasing the condo for a more affordable price.

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