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Find affordable Baguio condo for sale in Carousell. Presenting RFO condo,1BR studio type units, Preselling condo at cheap price! Low downpayments!

Apartment and Condos for Sale in Legarda-Burnham-Kisad, Baguio City

Legarda-Burnham-Kisad is one of the 129 barangays located in the city of Baguio, in the province of Benguet, in the region of CAR. The number of people that live in this barangay is 711 which accounts for 0.19% of the total population. Despite having a relatively low number of residents, this area is a particularly commercially active area with a number of establishments that make living here convenient such as cafes, restaurants, malls, grocery stores, and even a local park and even a local school and a sports bowl.

There are a number of properties that you can purchase in this neighborhood, whether you’re looking for a real estate investment or a home to live in for a long time. With that said, there are a number of apartments and condos for sale in Legarda-Burnham-Kisad, Baguio City that you can buy. You can start by purchasing a studio unit in this neighborhood for a price ranging from PHP 2,570,000 to PHP 6,500,000 for a floor area averaging around 28.67 square meters (sqm.). You can also get a 1BR unit as an alternative to a studio unit for a price range between PHP 3,672,655 to PHP 5,271,844 for a floor area averaging around 44.4 sqm. You can also get a larger unit such as a 2BR unit. You can get such a unit for the starting price of PHP 5,600,000 for a floor area of 47 sqm. Aside from these units, there are also properties that come in all shapes, sizes, and conditions. For example, you can purchase a pre-selling condo in this neighborhood for a price of PHP 3,672,655 for a floor area of 28 sqm. A property like this also allows you to access many of the amenities of the development, such as a fitness gym, a function hall, an outdoor space for a garden, as well as a sauna, which is perfect for the cool atmosphere of the city. Aside from that, you can also find an RFO unit, short for ready for occupancy, so that you can move into a unit that you like as soon as possible. You can buy such a unit for the price of PHP 6,500,000 for a floor area size of 46 sqm. Aside from having access to many, different amenities for a property in this neighborhood, another perk of having a real estate property in this area is its strategic location. Since the place is a commercially active area, you get to enjoy easy access to many places, such as a local school, several cafes and restaurants, a local bank, a gas station, and a number of different parks for those looking for a relaxing place once in a while. Given its proximity to these locations, it makes it a profitable area to start a rental property.

Once you find a property listing in this neighborhood that you think you might want to buy, you should then start thinking about the payment options available to you. Some common payment options that property owners and managers provide in this area would be direct cash payment with no interest rate, bank financing, and in-house financing. Use Carousell’s chat feature to ask specific payment questions that you have on the property owner’s listing so you get as accurate of information as possible.

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The average cost of a unit for sale in this property is around PHP 4,550,517 for an average floor area of around 36.75 sqm.

The benefits of buying a property in this neighborhood will be both its strategic location and the amenities that you can access. Whether you’re planning on using the property as a rental or are planning to live in it, the easy access to commercial establishments and local tourist attractions are two great benefits to purchasing a property here. Aside from that, given the popularity of this city, getting a property in this barangay is a great long-term investment for yourself.

An RFO unit is a unit that you can move into as soon as negotiations with the property owner have finished and you’ve paid everything off. You can immediately use the amenities available to your unit and you can start arranging utilities as soon as possible, which is convenient for people eager to move in.

A pre-selling condo is a unit that is available for selling even though the unit is still ongoing construction. Usually, the selling price for a property like this is lower than it would be once the unit has finished construction. That’s why many people who are eyeing a unit would want to aim to buy a unit for pre-selling to get a few savings.

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