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Apartment and Condos for Sale in Mines View Park, Baguio City

Mines View Park is not only a popular overlook park in Baguio City in the province of Benguet. The area itself is also one of the 129 barangays of this city and is home to 1,517 people, representing around 0.41% of the city’s total population. Most of the area is covered with verdant forests endemic to the area, but there is also a very alive residential area sprinkled throughout the neighborhood still. There are also commercial establishments that are near the neighborhood that one can easily access if they were in this barangay.

Although there are plenty of natural areas in this neighborhood, you can find plenty of residential properties available as well. Therefore, people looking to buy an apartment and condos for sale in Mines View Park, Baguio City can find plenty of real estate in this area. For example, you can start your real estate search by purchasing some studio units available for sale in this area for a price range of PHP 3,010,603 to PHP 6,192,000 for an average floor area of 24.25 square meters (sqm.). If you want a unit that has a separate room for the bed area, then you should look for 1BR units and they are available in the neighborhood for a price ranging from PHP 2,930,000 to PHP 4,651,850 for an average floor area of 29.5 sqm. Both a studio and a 1BR unit are great starter real estate for you. Many of these properties come in different conditions and types. For example, you can get a pre-selling condo for sale in this neighborhood for a starting price of PHP 6,192,000 for a floor area of 26 sqm. It comes with amenities from the development such as a function hall, a fitness center, and even a function hall. If you’re purchasing it for business investment, this property has a high rental yield. You can also purchase a 2BR home for a price of PHP 8,174,400 for a floor area of 60 sqm.  For an even larger unit in this neighborhood, you can go for a 3BR unit for a starting price of PHP 10,000,000 with a floor area of 133 square meters. This unit comes with many amenities such as 24/7 security, a balcony, some car spaces, and is even semi-furnished so you can save some money by reducing your furnishing costs. Aside from the amenities, these properties are also in a strategic location that is convenient as a residential property for either personal or commercial purposes. For example, the properties are nearby many of the cafes and restaurants, a local bank, grocery stores, educational centers and schools, and many more.

Given the variety of properties available in the neighborhood, you can find a lot of units here that are sure to interest you whether you’re looking for a long-term residence or a business establishment. With that said, if you find a property listing that you want, you should start considering what the payment schemes are. Common listing payment schemes are bank financing, in-house financing, and cash payments. Use Carousell’s chat feature to find out what the payment scheme is for the property that you want with the property manager or the owner.

Frequently asked questions

The average cost of a unit in this neighborhood is around PHP 4,410,024 for an average floor area of 31.57 sqm.

The benefit of purchasing a pre-selling condo is that you can get a discount on a property in a strategic location of Baguio. Once the property is up on the market and is fully constructed, your property will have a higher market price.

The barangays that share a boundary with this neighborhood that are also a part of this city are Gibraltar and Pucsusan.

A property in this neighborhood allows you easy access to a nearby local park that is famous between residents and local tourists alike. If you convert the property you bought in this area to a rental property, it will be an attractive property because of its proximity to local tourist attractions. Aside from that, a property in this neighborhood is also fairly serene, given that much of the land area in this neighborhood is covered in greenery. That makes it a great place to live in.

A semi-furnished unit contains a few of the furniture pieces that you need to live comfortably in the condo already. That means that you have more freedom for the furniture pieces that you want to include if there aren’t any available yet, but you’re still getting a few furniture pieces to get you started.

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