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Fast selling condo for sale in Baguio city Outlook Drive @Carousell. We offer 1BR resort style studio units, pre-selling condos, studio units & more and less price!

Apartment and Condos for Sale in Outlook Drive, Baguio City

Outlook Drive is a barangay located in the Summer Capital of the Philippines: Baguio City. It’s in the province of Benguet and within the CAR region. This barangay is home to 2,237 people which means that 0.61% of the city’s entire population lives in this neighborhood. Compared to other neighborhoods in Baguio City, this barangay is fairly serene despite having a number of commercial establishments present, like restaurants and cafes. It’s great for a quiet night out dining on good food, especially given the number of trees around this area that you can admire.

Given the fact that this place is not very populous yet, it’s great for people who want to buy a property from a fairly quiet place, this neighborhood is the place to be. There are a number of apartments and condos for sale in Outlook Drive, Baguio City that you can buy. Since it’s still a growing community, there are plenty of opportunities for growth for your real estate investment here. If you’re looking for a studio unit to purchase, you can find some for sale in this neighborhood for a price range of PHP 3,100,538 to PHP 12,000,000 for a floor area ranging from 24 square meters (sqm.) to 42 sqm. Aside from a studio unit, you can also get a 1BR unit in the neighborhood. A property of this type will go for a price range of PHP 2,678,000 to PHP 10,338,525 with a floor area ranging from 25 to 42 sqm. Another type of property that’s available for purchase in this neighborhood would be a pre-selling condo for a starting price of PHP 8,446,000 with a floor area of 34 sqm. This property is not only more affordable than when it has finished construction, but it’s also in a strategic location because it’s near many commercial centers like major malls, shops, and restaurants as well as schools and hospitals. It’s also near many tourist spots, like local parks and country clubs, which make it a great rental property for tourists who are visiting the city. Another way you can save some money when purchasing a property is by purchasing a pre-owned condo in this neighborhood. You can find such a property for the price of PHP 4,200,000 and a floor area size of 20 sqm. It’s perfect for someone who’s just starting out with a limited budget, or someone who wants to dip their toes into the real estate business. Aside from this type of property, if you want to look for a place with more rooms in it, you can get a 2BR unit in this neighborhood as well. The price for such a property will range from PHP 2,700,897 to PHP 12,995,702 and the floor area size ranges from 34 to 62 sqm. It also is in a strategic location and has access to amenities such as a balcony, pool, and gym access, as well as a lounge area.

There are so many properties for sale in this neighborhood so you can surely find a property here that you’d want to invest in. If you do find a property listing that interests you, you should know that the common payment methods in this neighborhood are bank financing, cash payment, and monthly installments with a down payment. It’s best to clarify with the property manager using Carousell’s chat feature to find out the specifics of a listing that you’re interested in.

Frequently asked questions

The average cost of a unit in this barangay would be around PHP 5,081,363.

A property in this barangay gives you easy access to many of the tourist attractions available in this city. At the same time, there are many commercial establishments that make living in this neighborhood more convenient. Whether you opt to live in your real estate investment in this barangay or not, your property is sure to have profitable growth in this neighborhood.

A pre-owned condo is a unit that has had a previous owner or tenant already so the unit is not new. Since this property is not newly-constructed, you can get a discount on the asking price of the property.

Developers arrange for a unit to be up for pre-selling to help them reduce sales costs because they already will have a buyer/owner for the property before it even finished construction. They can also use the cash from the buyer’s payment to help with construction costs. Meanwhile, the buyer themselves can avail of the unit for a cheaper price than when the unit has finished construction.

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