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Apartment and Condos for Sale in Session Road, Baguio City

Session Road is not just a populated road in Baguio City. The Session Road area is also a barangay of the city that is fairly commercialized with major malls and other commercial establishments calling this area its home. Since most of its land area is dedicated to commercial establishments, the population of this neighborhood is fairly simple with only about 125 people according to the 2020 Census, which accounts for 0.03% of the city’s entire population.

Although there are few people living in this area and calling it their home, this neighborhood is a pretty convenient place to own real estate for both business and personal purposes. You can find several apartments and condos for sale in Session Road, Baguio City to get you started on your real estate journey or continue it. For example, you can find a studio unit for sale in this neighborhood for a price ranging from PHP 2,618,200 to PHP 5,500,886. What’s great about a lot of the studio units in this neighborhood is that many of them are ready for occupancy or RFO, so those who are looking to move in quickly or make use of the property as soon as possible can do so once negotiations are finished. Aside from that, you can also get a 1BR unit in this neighborhood for a price ranging from PHP 2,665,000 to PHP 5,355,958 with an average floor area of 27.04 square meters (sqm.). The properties available for purchase in this neighborhood come in all shapes and sizes and conditions. For example, you can purchase pre-selling condos in this area for a starting price of PHP 3,000,000. Since it’s for pre-selling, you can get a few savings here and there because the unit hasn’t been constructed yet. If you want to get a medium-sized property in this neighborhood, there are also a number of 2BR units available for purchase. You can get such a unit for a budget within the price range of PHP 7,809,400 to PHP 8,023,450 and a floor area that ranges from 30 to 51 sqm. It’s a great investment since it’s located along a major road in the city and is in the same neighborhood as a major mall in the city. Aside from that, it’s in a key area that allows you to easily access many of the popular tourist attractions in this city, such as a local amusement park. Other commercial properties in the area that you can enjoy are a number of cafes and restaurants, and there are several transportation hubs that you can use as public transportation should you need it. You can also enjoy amenities in your condominium, such as access to the pool, the gym, as well as a function room and 24/7 security in the premises.

There are many commercial establishments available and within easy access of any property within the Session Road area, so living there is quite convenient. Whether you’re looking for a rental property or want to live there yourself, you’re sure to find a listing that you want. Once you find one, don’t hesitate to use Carousell’s chat feature to contact the property manager to discuss the payment options, such as cash payment, bank financing and monthly installments with a reservation fee and down payment.

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Investing in a property in this neighborhood allows you to conveniently access many commercial establishments in the area, such as major malls, cafes, restaurants and even a local amusement park, schools, colleges, and so on. Its convenient location makes for a profitable real estate investment, whether you’re interested in moving in yourself or want to convert the property to a rental.

A pre-selling unit is a unit that is under construction but is already open for interested buyers. Developers do this to help get a guaranteed buyer for their property so that they spend fewer resources on selling their property after construction. On the other hand, buyers get to purchase the unit for a lower price.

An RFO unit is short for ready for occupancy. There are several advantages to purchasing an RFO unit. For example, the biggest reason some people prefer an RFO unit is because you can easily move in as soon as all negotiations and paperwork are settled. Aside from that, if you purchase an RFO unit during a rush sale, you can even get it for a discount.

The average selling price for any unit for sale in this neighborhood is around PHP 4,459,570 with an average floor area in the neighborhood being around 26.93 sqm. with a majority of the properties being studio units or 1BR units.

The barangays near this neighborhood that are within the same city and share a boundary with this barangay are the following: Engineers’ Hill, Harrison-Claudio Carantes, Kabayanihan, Legarda-Burnham-Kisad, Military Cut-Off, and Salud Mitra.

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