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Apartments & Condo for Sale in Caloocan | Carousell Property

Search for apartment & condo listing on Caloocan, NCR. Carousell offers RFO, fully furnished, pre-selling, affordable & studio. Contact seller directly!





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Apartment and Condos for Sale in Caloocan City

Caloocan or Kalookan city is a modern and urbanized area in the northern part of Metro Manila. The constant hustle and bustle of the commercial and economical areas have given rise to residential complexes and societies within the premises. Taoist Temple, La Mesa Watershed, and Malabon Zoo are few of the places one can visit when in the city. The connectivity within the city is fairly impressive with road networking being up to the mark; and the availability of common public commuting facilities like busses, jeepneys and trains make it easy to move within the location.

When talking about residential offerings, the hereness ranges on a wide spectrum of apartments and condos for sale in Caloocan City. Pre-selling 1 BHK condo near MCU Hospital is available at just PHP 8000 with flourishing sports amenities. Within the same residency, a 1 BHK condo for sale would cost you around PHP 4,000,000. A studio unit in Caloocan would sit near the price point of PHP 2,500,000. 1BHK Condo in Camella Manors which offers resort-like amenities is available for PHP 3,000,000. If you are looking for access to a swimming pool, bar, fitness center and playgrounds; 1 BHK condo can be attained in around PHP 4,500,000. All these residential options offer basic amenities like parking spaces, up to the mark security services and are pet friendly. This makes Caloocan a well built city to lead a life as a working individual and similar 2 or 3 BHK options within similar vicinities make it apt for a family lifestyle too.

Sustainability in Caloocan City is well mandated and ensures that locals can easily access daily needs and chores without any extra burdens. Carousell believes in utmost transparency, hence it acts as the perfect connector for residence seekers to get in touch with their desired location and locality. Details of sellers like contact numbers and email id(s) are presented upfront on the webpages. One can contact the sellers directly and enquire about valid documentation process, installment and frequency along with any other queries in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

  1. What is the average cost of property in Caloocan City?

You can find a huge variety from luxury condo to cheaper ones. Affordable housing in the highly urbanized area of Caloocan is every person's dream. 1 BHK flats are available for rent at an average price of PHP 7,000. Luxurious condos with one room amounts to PHP 8,000 -10,000 per month.

  1. Why should I invest in Caloocan City?

Caloocan city is not only a full fledged residentially equipped location but also a giant when it comes to economic growth. The opportunities to evolve in business and service fields are immense and constantly appearing for the locals who live in Caloocan. Along with being a convenient area to lead a life, it also offers affordable and up to mark price points in each sector; be it commercial or residential.

  1. How many barangays reside within Caloocan City?

Caloocan city is divided into 2 major districts. District one holds 70 barangays, numbering from 1 to 4, 132 to 188 and 77 to 85 whereas District 2 is composed of 118 barangays ranging from 5 to 76 and 86 to 131.

4. Is RFO better than a pre-selling condo?

A ready for occupancy(RFO) is slightly priced higher than a pre-selling condo. RFO is fully constructed and ready to move in. If you are an expat, immigrants, or individual, it is an ideal choice for you. If you look for a longer stay with affordable investment choices pre-selling condo is a better choice

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