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Fully furnished condominiums for sale in Capitol Site(Pob.) Cebu city. Carousell offers 5BR+, ready for occupancy studio condo units @ affordable price!

Apartment and Condos for Sale in Capitol Site (Pob.), Cebu City

Capitol Site, formerly Poblacion, is a barangay that you can find in Cebu City. It's a part of the Cebu province with a similar namesake as the city and it belongs to the region of Central Visayas (Region VII) as well. According to the 2020 Census, this barangay currently has 12,604 people living here which means that this barangay is home to 1.31% of the entire city's total population. This barangay is a fairly small land area compared to other barangays but it’s filled with all sorts of commercial establishments such as a large hospital, a major mall, several transportation hubs, and many other shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Although this part of the city is jam-packed with a lot of these commercialized establishments, there are still several spots here and there that are dedicated to residential areas. Given that the area is surrounded by many commercial establishments, buying an apartment and condos for sale in Capitol Site (Pob.), Cebu City is going to be a great place of residence in terms of convenience in all the things that you may need. With that said, if you want to buy real estate from this area but aren’t in a hurry to make use of the property then you should consider looking at the pre-selling units on offer. You’ll be able to get the first pick of new units from here but at a more affordable price. For example, there is a 1BR unit with a floor area size of 48 square meters (sqm.) available for pre-selling for a price of PHP 8,839,400. Speaking of 1BR units, the average price of a unit of this size would range somewhere from PHP 2,500,000 to PHP 15,800,000 with an average floor area size of about 33.25 sqm. Something similar to a 1BR unit would be a studio unit. There are many such units from this area and the price ranges from PHP 3,194,700 to PHP 3,800,000 with an average floor area size of 24 sqm. If you’re looking for a more luxurious home to live in from this barangay, you should consider getting a penthouse unit which is also available in this area. There is such a unit as this available from this area which is around a 4BR unit with a floor area size of 230 sqm. This unit costs around PHP 33,000,000 which sounds about right for a luxurious house such as this. Of course, not everybody is interested in buying a luxurious unit from this neighborhood and many of us are looking to buy a unit for a lower asking price when we can. In that case, if you’re looking for a way to get a unit for a more affordable price, then you should consider getting a pre-owned condo. For example, there is a 1BR unit available for purchase that is pre-owned that costs PHP 2,500,000 and has a floor area size of 35 sqm. It gives you access to all the amenities of the development while getting the unit for a much lower asking price.

The units that are for sale in this barangay offer a variety and are numerous. When you find a unit that best fits your needs, budget, and more, that’s when it’s time for you to use Carousell’s chat option to contact the property owner directly about their preferred payment method. Common payment methods when paying off a unit would be direct cash payment and bank financing as well as Pag-IBIG financing in some cases.

Frequently asked questions

The price of a unit that comes from this area would be around PHP 119,000 per square meter of the unit.

A pre-selling unit means that the particular development hasn’t finished construction but it’s already accepting buyers and is offering the unit for a much lower asking price than after it finishes construction.

This highly-commercialized area is a strategic location that would be great for people who are looking to rent out a place in the middle of the city. Thus, as a rental property, buying a unit from this area can mean that you have your unit in a strategic location so there are plenty of potential tenants that will be interested in it. Aside from that, as a long-term private residence, the establishments nearby also help you live a comfortable life there because there are hospitals nearby, schools, as well as malls.

Yes, it is, especially if you’re interested in buying a unit for a lower asking price than you usually would be able to see. Also, some of these pre-owned units also come with some furnishings so you can even save on furniture.

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