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Apartment and Condos for Sale in Mabolo, Cebu City

Mabolo is a barangay located in the city of Cebu within the province of the same namesake which is Cebu inside the region of Central Visayas (Region VII). This barangay is home to 21,616 people which accounts for 2.24% of the total population of the entire city according to the 2020 Census. This part of the city is also a commercialized part of the city with establishments such as hotels, banks, shops, transportation hubs, as well as a go-karting area.

Although this city is filled with a variety of commercial establishments that are present in this area, there are also some real estate developments in place that can pique your interest. If you want in this commercialized area, then you might be interested in buying an apartment and condos for sale in Mabolo, Cebu City to really feel the vibes of the city. With that said, if you’re buying a unit from this neighborhood, it’s better to start by purchasing a studio unit. A studio unit can serve an individual really well and it’s also a good size to convert into a rental property. Since it’s a commercial area, you can find plenty of people who are interested in becoming tenants. Anyway, the price of a studio unit from this area would cost somewhere ranging from PHP 1,996,600 to PHP 5,900,000 with an average floor area size of around 28.49 square meters (sqm.). A better alternative to a studio unit would be a 1BR unit which can be more spacious than the former and offers more privacy. A 1BR unit costs somewhere from PHP 3,000,000 to PHP 7,322,350 with an average floor area size of about 35.61 sqm. If you are looking to get a much bigger unit to live in which is much better than a studio or one-bedroom, then you should consider getting a 2BR unit instead which would cost somewhere around PHP 750,000 to PHP 11,084,417 with an average floor area size of about 41.1 sqm. When you’re shopping around for real estate in this area, you would realize that things can get quite expensive. Therefore, you might want to look out for real estate that’s available for a lower asking price. With that said, you can find units for a lower selling price in this neighborhood as well. For example, there are plenty of pre-owned houses that are usually sold for a lower selling price in comparison to properties of the same type but are newer. The price of such a unit would cost somewhere from a range of PHP 2,000,000 to PHP 7,800,000 with a floor area size ranging from 20.17 to 57 sqm. Even with a pre-owned unit, you can still get access to many of the amenities that newer units will get.

When you are looking for an apartment or condos available in this area, you’re going to find several options ahead of you. With that said, if you do find the property that you’re most interested in, you can start talking to the property managers or sellers directly by using Carousell’s chat feature. Some of the common payment methods from this area are bank financing, cash payment, as well as Pag-IBIG financing.

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The strategic location of this barangay is the main driver of why buying property from here is a smart choice. Whether you’re buying property here for business purposes or you want to buy property for a long-term personal reason, the properties here are in a populous part of the city so you can easily access the needs that you have. Therefore, people who are looking for a place to stay that’s in the city will be interested in renting out a property from this city. If you’re looking for a permanent residence, you can live a comfortable and full life if you live here.

Units from many areas can get quite expensive, but by buying a pre-owned one you can get all the benefits of buying a unit from this neighborhood without spending a lot of money on it. Thus, investing in a pre-owned unit is always a good idea.

The barangays that share a boundary with this barangay and are nearby would be the following: Carreta, Hippodrome, Kasambagan, and Luz.

The average price of the property from this neighborhood would cost somewhere around PHP 4,653,074 and has an average floor area size of about 32.91 sqm.

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