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Apartment and Condos for Sale in Bangkal, Makati City

Makati City is one of the country’s business districts and is home to many businesses and homes. One of which is Barangay Bangkal.  With a population of 17, 576 (as of 2020 Census), Barangay Bangkal is a growing community in the country’s top business district. It is one of the 7 barangays under the Cluster 2 or Westside Cluster in the city of Makati. Bangkal, like its parent city- Makati, is known for off-the-beat restaurants and hang-out places for students and employees who work in the business district. This barangay also offers great residential options for anyone looking for cheap and affordable apartments and condos and other properties.

When it comes to properties, be it residential or commercial, location is a key consideration. Barangay Bangkal in Makati City offers the perfect choice given its proximity to business districts, commercial areas, educational and health facilities. On Carousell, there are several apartments and condos for sale in the area that are not only affordable but also spacious and elegantly designed. A 1-bedroom condo unit for sale in Bangkal can cost between PHP 5,000,000 - PHP 6,000,000 and is available for RFO and pre-selling. More spacious condos have a starting price of PHP 6,500,000 and can go as high as PHP 8,000,000 depending on the floor area, amenities, and location. These types of properties are either semi or fully-furnished and feature 2-bedrooms and other essential facilities like kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Another great reason to buy a listed condo for sale in Bangkal is the flexible payment terms being offered. Buyers can easily own a condo in the area for as low as PHP 25,000 per month for 36-45 months depending on the developer’s terms and conditions. Furthermore, residents can fully enjoy their stay in the condo with quality amenities and facilities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, lounge area, play area, and more. 24/7 security, emergency power,  multiple elevators, fire exits and safety systems are also in place for the peace of mind of the residents. Some of the benefits of buying a property in Bangkal include accessibility, which means the area can be accessed easily via private or public transportation. In addition, its strategic location offers residents access to commercial centers, convenience stores, restaurants and even hotels. For those looking for work, Bangkal is a great place to live in because Makati’s business district is just a few minutes drive away.

Carousell provides you an option to choose from a wide variety of apartment and condo listings to suit the different needs and preferences of the buyers.  Carousel also offers buyers an option to directly contact the seller through chat or through phone, when contact information is provided.  This ensures that you as a buyer are able to validate the listing before making any payments.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the average price of getting a place in Bangkal?

Depending on your needs and preferences, the rates may vary. Location and amenities are also taken into consideration. Nevertheless, buyers can definitely buy an affordable condo in the area within the PHP 4,000,000 to PHP 6,000,000 price range.

Why should I invest in apartments and condos in Bangkal?

Around 40% of the barangay’s land is commercial while 35-40%  are residential. This means that residents have all the facilities and establishments they need to live comfortably. In addition, given its proximity to commercial areas, there are multiple business and employment opportunities.

Is RFO the best option for me?

RFO or ready for occupancy condos are properties that allow the buyer to move in as soon as the required payment is paid off. This is a great option for people who want to acquire the property right away.

How soon can I move into an RFO condo for sale in Bangkal?

This is entirely dependent on the agreement between the buyer and the developer/seller. For some properties, they can move within a month or two especially for foreclosed properties and when the required payment is fulfilled. In some cases, it might take as long as 6 months. This varies from one developer to another so it’s best to talk to your developer/seller first.

What do I do after I find a property I like on Carousell?

Once you decide on what property you are interested in, the next step is to contact the developer or seller directly from the website. The seller will then discuss with you the terms and other important information you can use to make a decision.

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