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Apartments and Condos for Sale in Manila

The City of Manila is the capital of the Philippines and is the second most populous city in the National Capital Region. It was the first chartered city in the country, designated as such by the Philippine Commission Act 183 in July 1901. Manila was founded in 1571 by Spanish conqueror Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and became the seat of power for most of the country’s colonial rulers. Many of the Philippines’ “firsts” are in Manila including the first university, lighthouse tower, water system, electricity, stock exchange, flyover, zoo, and many more. Today, it is home to many historic sites (some of which were built during the 16th century) as well as major museums, parks, theaters, top-notch universities, government institutions, and other commercial and industrial establishments.

Residential communities also comprise a large area of the city. Manila offers several housing options for sale including elegantly built apartments and high-rise condominiums. Carousell provides a number of listings for these high-end properties. Pre-selling and fully furnished RFO units, new and pre-owned, are available for purchase in several locations close to universities and government agencies. This makes properties within the vicinity an ideal spot for students and government employees. Condos and apartments boast of units with artistic designs and elegant interiors promoting a sense of luxury and sophistication. Amenities that come with the properties compliment the distinct lifestyle of the locale. These include kiddie and adult swimming pools, outdoor bars and lounges, children’s playgrounds, fitness gyms, and study halls.  Units are also equipped with CCTV in common areas, 24/7 security, and Wi-Fi access, and are generally pet friendly. These facilities provide individuals and families a place to relax and unwind after a hectic day at work or in school.  Pre-selling 1 BR condo units can be availed for a price range of PHP 3200000 – PH 3600000 while RFO units are sold for as low as PHP 3800000 - PHP 4400000. These apartments are best suited for small families and couples. For an affordable amount of PHP 3700000 – PHP 4000000, one can also purchase various studio units within the vicinity. These are perfect for bigger households or for those who simply want to live in a more spacious area. Residential options in Manila City are situated strategically near prime institutions and establishments like schools and universities, hospitals, government institutions, malls, fast-food chains, restaurants, supermarkets, drugstores etc. providing its residents easier access to services and necessities. Historical sites, parks, museums and theatres can also be found in the city offering locals opportunities for both learning and leisure. In addition, several transportation resources like jeepneys, buses, taxi cabs, tricycles, and even the infamous “kalesas” or horse-drawn carriages traverse the busy streets of Manila making commuting and traveling a more comfortable and convenient experience.

Manila has lots to offer including real estate properties that are not only exquisitely built but are cheap and affordable. Buyers can easily choose their desired units from the wide array of options listed on Carousell. Different flexible payment schemes come with the properties for sale including down payments for up to several months with the remaining balance payable thru bank or in-house financing. Some units do not require any form of down payments. Discounts are also given upon purchase. To find out more about the properties for sale as well as their corresponding payment means, you may log on to Carousell and directly reach out to the sellers or owners.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the average cost of property in Manila?

The average price of Studio units in Manila is approximately PHP 3800000 and around PHP 4000000 for 2 BR Units. Properties provide a wide range of high-class amenities and are accessible to the public.

Why should I invest in Manila?

Manila is a highly modernized city in the Philippines. Being the capital of the country, it has a political, cultural, and economical edge over any other places nearby. Not only can we find a number of commercial and industrial establishments within the vicinity, but the place also houses several of the top-notch universities in the country along with major parks, museums, government agencies, and historical sites. Manila is also constantly developing and improving its districts and barangays.

How far is Manila from Quezon City?

Metro Manila is approximately 13 km away from Quezon City and the distance can be covered in around half an hour.

How many barangays constitute Manila City?

Manila City is divided into 897 barangays grouped into 100 zones and further subdivided into 16 administrative districts.

Which is better, an RFO Unit or a Pre-Selling Property?

For buyers ready to move in immediately, RFO units are the best option. Those who are willing to wait may avail of the Pre-Selling units on the other hand.

What is an RFO Unit?

An RFO or Ready for Occupancy unit is a property that has been completed and is already up for occupancy once purchase has been finalized. Individuals may take up residence in an RFO unit anytime. Those who purchase RFO units can utilize the amenities of the properties right away and can usually avail of discounts. Also, the units are ready for inspection and utility services can be availed of readily.

What is a Pre-Selling Unit?

A Pre-Selling unit is a property that hasn’t been completed yet and is still in the initial phase of construction. Pre-Selling properties are usually more affordable and cheaper due to its lower introductory price.

Is it safe to buy a property in Carousell?

Yes! Carousell is a legitimate website that offers various property listings in different places in the Metro. A lot of people have Carousell apps even on their phones and there are a number of testimonies attesting to its authenticity. Just always be diligent in dealing with property listings on the website by checking reviews.

What is a foreclosed unit?

A foreclosed unit is a property that's seized and put up for sale by the bank that gave the original owner a loan. When you see a home listed as foreclosed, it means that it's owned by the bank.

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