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Apartment and Condos for Sale in Sun Valley, Parañaque

Sun Valley is a small territorial and administrative district under the local government of Parañaque, Metro Manila in the Philippines. It is part of the 2nd legislative district of Parañaque City. Sun Valley used to be part of Barangay La Huerta but was separated into its own independent barangay in April 1978. The South Luzon Expressway and West Service Road delineate Sun Valley’s eastern boundary. The total area of Sun Valley is 177.75 hectares, ranking it as one of the smaller barangays in Paranaque. The area is surrounded by small to medium businesses and commercial establishments as well as different schools and medical institutions.

Several Condo Units and Apartments that are Ready for Occupancy are situated in different, strategic areas in Sun Valley, Parañaque City. These properties are not only budget-friendly but are also built of excellent quality and offer buyers a place for relaxation and ease. Clients may avail of a 2 BR RFO Apartment/House or a Studio Apartment for sale starting from an affordable price range of PHP 4,000,000 – PHP 7,000,000. 1 BR condo units, on the other hand, cost around PHP 1000000 – PHP 4000000 and are located near the most active roads in the vicinity.  These units are perfect for employees holding offices in nearby locations. Highly luxurious 2 BR houses in residential communities are also available for a price range of PHP 6,000,000 – PHP 10,000,000 and are recommended for those who would like to experience a more spacious and luxurious surroundings and lifestyle. Properties in this area of the city offer a wide range of excellent amenities which include swimming pools, fire alarms, 24x7 security, Wi-fi, parking slots, sports facilities, walk-in closet, maid’s quarter, powder room, and garden area depending on the type of unit. Located in nearby shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, airports, as well as, business offices, and schools, the vicinity is a perfect place to live in and is quite accessible. The area also offers a wide variety of Transportation to get you easily from one place to another.

Sun Valley, indeed, has residential options that can serve not only the needs of its people within a limited budget but also the necessities and desires that one craves. Carousell gives you an opportunity to nurture your comfortable lifestyle at the apartments and condos in Sun Valley, Parañaque. Units are offered with different payment and financing options that suit the buyers’ needs and preferences. Buyers can easily inquire and directly communicate with the sellers via the Carousell chat option.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the average cost of property in Sun Valley?

The average cost of an affordable Ready to Move In 2 BR condo unit in Sun Valley would be around PHP 4000000 – PHP 5000000. A simple, semi-furnished 3 BR can also offer the same price if you are in search of a cheaper unit to purchase.

Is investing in Sun Valley Paranaque a good deal?

The infrastructure of the city is well maintained and constructed. Roads of the city are well connected from one point to another. Streets like 3813 daffodil street sun valley and One Sta Ana drive sun valley, provide one to travel around the city and explore different locations. These network exchanging points not only provide better import and export businesses but also better options to explore the city. Sun Valley is well-facilitated with affordable medical and health care services. The hospitals provide real-time services for all. The city has schools on every street, daycare centers, shops that offer excellent but more budget-friendly services compared to other cities.

What is the difference between an RFO Condo Unit and a Pre-Selling Unit?

An RFO Condo unit refers to a ready-made unit that is just waiting for occupancy. Once the purchase is finalized, buyers can move in anytime. A Pre-Selling unit on the other hand, is a unit being sold before its completion or before construction has been done.

Which is better: an RFO Unit or a Pre-Selling Property?

For buyers ready to move in immediately, RFO Units are the better option, but for those who are willing to wait, Pre-Selling units may be a perfect choice.

Are Condos attached or Detached?

Condos like townhomes are attached which means that each unit shares walls with its neighbors.

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