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Apartments and Condos for Sale in Talipapa, Quezon City

Talipapa is a bustling neighborhood in Novaliches, one of the municipalities of Quezon City. It was founded around 1854 by Lieutenant General Manuel Pavia y Marquez de Novaliches. From the 1950s to the early 1980s, the former Manila Paper Mills, one of the biggest paper manufacturing companies during that time,  had its factory in Talipapa, Quirino Highway.  The site of the factory now has been transformed into several condominiums and residential structures. Barangay Talipapa shares its border with Bagbag, Baesa, Tandang Sora and Bahay Toro.  Talipapa can be easily accessed via the municipality’s two main roads- Quirino Highway and Mindanao Avenue.

When it comes to buying a property, location, price range and accessibility are some of the main factors for most buyers. For homebuyers who are looking for an affordable condo in Quezon City, Talipapa is the ideal location. Studio or 1 bedroom condo units for sale in the area are usually within the PHP 3,00,000 price range. Although it is uncommon, 2-3 bedrooms with 1 bathroom units are available within the area; however, these properties often come at a slightly higher price range, usually within the PHP 5,00,000-PHP 8,000,000 mark. Most condo units for sale in Talipapa have around 25-50sqm floor area, which provides ample space for solo living or those starting a family. We also have foreclosed condominiums for sale in Talipapa, Quezon. Because of the continuous growth in the city, more and more condominiums are being developed and sold in the area. In Talipapa, buyers can choose between pre-selling and RFO options. Just like any condominium for sale in Quezon City, homeowners are provided with top-class amenities and facilities including basement parking spaces,  swimming pools, gym/fitness center, and more. Apart from the affordability of condominiums, those who are looking to purchase a property in the area will appreciate the urban lifestyle that comes with it. With its close proximity to nearby business districts including government offices and commercial centers such as SM Supermalls and schools, it offers convenience and accessibility. And with several parks and playgrounds around the area, people can still enjoy nature and have fun. This unique balance is what makes it an ideal location for families to raise their children or for older home buyers, to retire in. Barangay Talipapa can also be easily accessed via different modes of transportation including buses, jeepneys, and AUVs.  With the construction of MRT 3, traveling to Talipapa just got easier and more convenient.

Once a buyer has decided on the type of condo they’d want to purchase, they will be presented with different payment options. Installment options are often the most common ones and are usually paid through a bank or in-house financing, and/or through PAGIBIG loans. Along with these flexible payment schemes, down payment can range between 10-20% of the total contract price. As soon as you decide upon the housing you want to go for, you can simply choose to contact the sellers with ease via Carousell.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the average cost of an apartment and condo in Talipapa?

A one to two-bedroom condo unit for sale in Talipapa can cost you around PHP 3,000,000. This already includes all the features and amenities that are being provided by the developer. For bigger units, buyers can expect unit costs up to PHP 7,000,000.

Should I invest in apartments and condos at Talipapa?

Barangay Talipapa is a great investment option given its affordable housing options and accessibility to major business districts and commercial centers. When it comes to transportation, Talipapa has multiple transportation options that run 24/7. Public transportation like buses, trains, and jeepneys are constantly available throughout the area, which makes it convenient to go to neighboring barangays and nearby cities. The barangay is steadily improving with the addition of new commercial establishments like  McDonald’s and Starbucks.

What is in-house financing?

In-house financing is a payment option offered by the property developer for those who are looking to buy condo units for sale in Quezon City. Once approved, the buyer will make payments directly to the developer. Payment terms differ from one developer to another while in some cases, this may not be available.

What payment options should I choose?

Whether you choose in-house financing, bank financing, or a PAG-IBIG loan depends on your financial capacity, how quickly you want to acquire the property,  and for how long you want to pay for the property.  Bank loans have a shorter processing time while PAG-IBIG takes longer and slightly higher interest rates.

How far is Talipapa from Quezon City?

Talipapa to Quezon is nearly 4km away.

How many barangays is this place surrounded by?

Mendoza Village, Barangay 164, Barangay 163 and Bagbag are the surrounding barangays to Talipapa.

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