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Condo and Apartment for Sale in Tandang Sora, Quezon City

Tandang Sora is a barangay situated in Quezon City, Metro Manila. It was formerly called Barrio Banlat but was later changed to Tandang Sora in honor of Melchora “Tandang Sora” Aquino, a Filipino patriot. Tandang Sora has a population of 83, 114 representing 2.81% of the total population in Quezon City as determined by the latest census. The barangay is a well- developed area consisting of several commercial establishments such as drugstores, fast food chains, sportsgrounds, banks, supermarkets, supplies stores and many more.

Aside from business and commercial establishments, one can find a wide range of affordable housing options in Barangay Tandang Sora. Beautifully built apartments and condo units are located in strategic areas and come with fully furnished interiors. Many of these properties are Ready for Occupancy making them quite convenient for buyers who would like to move in as soon as possible. Studio units ready to be settled in with lavish designs and fixtures are available for purchase at around PHP 1500000 – PHP 3700000.  Pre-selling studio units, on the other hand, cost around PHP 2700000 and boast of bigger windows for a better view of the Metropolis. These housing accommodations on this side of the city have easy access to major roads, as well as to Transportation terminals including the MRT 7 and Metro Manila Subway. Meanwhile, for as low as PHP 3900000, one can avail of a fully furnished 1 BR condo unit with complete furniture and a secured parking space. Other 1 BR properties with prices ranging from PHP 6000000 – PHP 6400000 are also up for sale. These units have 1 or more balconies overlooking a scenic view of the city. Tandang Sora also offers 2 BR residences that boast of high end amenities including sky patios and multifunction rooms. For a price range of PHP 6900000 – PHP 7100000, bigger families can opt to dwell in these units and enjoy the excellent amenities that come with these properties.  RFO 3 BR units for sale are located in the vicinity as well for an affordable amount of PHP 7400000. Many of the housing accommodations in this barangay offer state of the art facilities which include adult and kiddie pools, children’s playground, fitness studios, basketball courts, spas and many more. The area is very accessible to the public and it is located near major shopping malls, business hubs, and top notch schools and universities making it a good dwelling place for those who would like to experience a luxurious lifestyle with comfort and convenience.

Investing in housing opportunities in Tandang Sora is definitely a good choice to make. Not only is the place continuously progressing, but the area is also surrounded by equally developing barangays. Purchasing properties in this location is fairly easy as one is presented with several flexible payment options suitable to one’s needs and preferences. You may pay in cash via monthly instalments for a good number of years or you may avail of a secure bank financing scheme. To learn more about the properties and the modes of payment, you may simply reach out to the sellers and owners via Carousell.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the average cost of property in Tandang Sora City?

Tandang Sora is a great city to live in as there are several housing options being offered within the vicinity.  Apartments and condos for sale can be found almost everywhere. Studio units can be purchased for as low as PHP 1500000, while 1 BR units are available for a price range of PHP 3000000 – PHP 6000000.

Why should I invest in Tandang Sora?

Tandang Sora is located in the region’s largest city where the rate of economic growth is higher compared to other smaller cities. Several industrial, business, and commercial establishments are located within the vicinity opening the doors for wider range of employment and housing opportunities along with more options in availing primary processes and services. Tandang Sora is also situated near many government agencies in the Metro.

How many barangays is this place surrounded by?

Tandang Sora is neighbored by Sauyo, Pasong Tamo, Sangandaan, Talipapa, and, Bahay Toro

What is an RFO Unit?

An RFO or Ready for Occupancy unit is a property that has been completed and is already up for occupancy once purchase has been finalized. Individuals may take up residence in an RFO unit anytime. Those who purchase RFO units can utilize the amenities of the properties right away and can usually avail of discounts. Also, the units are ready for inspection and utility services can be availed of readily.

What is a Pre-Selling Unit?

A Pre-Selling unit is a property that hasn’t been completed yet and is still in the initial phase of construction. Pre-Selling properties are usually more affordable and cheaper due to its lower introductory price.

Why do Developers pre sell properties?

Pre-selling allows property developers to finance the construction and development of the project and enables potential investors to purchase properties at affordable prices.

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