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Invest in an apartment and condos for sale in Santa Rosa City today with the help of Carousell. You can own a unit today for a starting price of PHP 800K.

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Apartment and Condos for Sale in Santa Rosa City

Santa Rosa City is located in the province of Laguna and in the CALABARZON region. This city is home to 414,812 people according to the 2020 Census. That means that this city is home to around 12.26% of the total population of the Laguna province. This quiet city in Laguna started to become more commercialized and industrialized due to several multinational and large local companies making this city home to their plants. Aside from that, it is home to a fairly popular local amusement park that people from all over the country travel to enjoy.

Aside from its commercial and industrial companies and tourist attractions, this city is also home to a fairly active residential neighborhood with a number of private residences cropping up here and there, including apartments and condo developments. With that said, you can certainly find a number of apartments and condos for sale in Santa Rosa City. You can find numerous pre-selling condos in this neighborhood and their asking price ranges from PHP 2,600,000 to PHP 8,846,952 and an average floor area size of around 28.81 square meters (sqm.). However, if you’re eager to move in, you might want to consider getting a pre-owned condo instead. You can find such a unit if you have a budget that falls within the range of PHP 1,950,000 to PHP 5,300,000. If you’re purchasing one, expect a floor size averaging around 32.18 sqm. If you want to get some savings, a bank foreclosed property would be great for that. You can purchase a unit like that for a price ranging from PHP 3,400,000 to PHP 4,900,000. If you purchase a foreclosed apartment, you can get the apartment for a lower price so you have more money to spend on renovations and you can convert the apartment into a profitable real estate venture or rental property. If you’re looking for a smaller initial investment, stick to studio units as these cost somewhere around PHP 1,091,250 to PHP 5,930,852. You might prefer to get a separate bedroom from the rest of the unit so you can start with a 1BR unit instead, which has an asking price ranging from PHP 1,346,000 to PHP 11,102,600 with an average floor area size of about 33.75 sqm. If a 1BR is not big enough for your needs, there are also 2BR units available in this city for a price ranging from PHP 2,470,691 to PHP 10,052,640. Most of these units are near a local golf course, as well as a number of commercial establishments like grocery stores, ATMs, restaurants, and cafes. 3BR units are also available in this area for a price range of about PHP 3,427,204 to PHP 7,329,665. This size is perfect for a small family that’s just planning to grow.

Given the number of property listings in this city, you’re sure to find one that best fits your needs, regardless of whether you’re looking for a real estate investment or a future home to live in. Once you do find a listing that you like, you can contact the property manager or seller using Carousell’s chat feature to talk about the preferred payment method of the seller. Some common examples of popular payment methods here would be direct cash payment, bank financing, and in-house financing.

Frequently asked questions

The average price of a unit in this city is around PHP 3,118,226 and the average floor size would be around 31.64 sqm.

Getting a pre-owned unit might be a used condo but it gets you a significant discount due to the fact that it’s not new. What would otherwise be pricier based on the other similar units in the area, you could get it for a lower asking price because it’s pre-owned.

A bank foreclosed condo is a unit where the previous owner failed to pay off loans or a mortgage to the bank so the bank took the property as part of the collateral for the failure of payment. The longer a property has been in foreclosure, the more leverage you can have to lower the selling price for the unit.

Santa Rosa City is a well-developed and industrialized city filled with many manufacturing plants from multinational companies. With that said, investing in real estate here is a great idea for workers planning on living in this area so you can get a regular stream of tenants if you invest in real estate here for a rental property. As a place of residence, this city is still fairly quiet, despite being home to many plants, and has a local amusement park as well.

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