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Carousell offers apartments & condos for sale in Bambang, NCR. Find affordable condos with 1-2BR, RFO, fully furnished! Appreciation Value! High ROI!

Apartments and Condos for Sale in Bambang, Taguig

Bambang is one of the semi-urban barangays of Taguig City, Philippines. Over the years, it has gained fame due to the Mount Pulag National Park. It is a UNESCO recognized heritage site and the second most renowned peak in the Philippines. This opened employment opportunities and urbanized the semi-urban region.

King’s College, Advocate college, Abba technical institute, Bambang high school, elementary school, and central school are some of the many educational institutes in Bambang.

The fully-furnished, pre-owned RFO apartments in Bambang are designed to retain the homely warmth of the region by issuing 1 BHR to 5 BHR accommodations. The amenities that each apartment provides vary. Condos for sale in Bambang are typical of 30 sqm to 120 sqm area, with gyms, pools, basketball and tennis courts, and top-notch security systems, open for all residents.

Spacious multi-story condos and gated communities are also a trending option in Bambang.

Bambang’s real estate market has picked up in recent years due to the increase in tourism and hotel establishments. Its calm atmosphere with the duality of modern facilities, education, and accessibility makes Bambang a perfect place to raise a family away from the chaos of the city, while still enjoying its advantages.

Since Bambang is situated a little further away from the urban hotspots of the Philippines, the pricing of real estate is comparatively cheaper. Bambang holds moderate pricing options starting from PHP 25,000 to PHP 70,00,000. Fully furnished condo units, resort-style apartments, and multi-story condos are also among the list of choices.

With Carousell you can find the apartment of your dreams, by specifying your requirements in the filters-  surface area, amenities, pet-friendly options, or other specifications, and you can avail the best offers in real estate within seconds!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much does an apartment cost on average in Bambang?

The price range of a basic apartment in Bambang is as low as PHP 25,000. But depending on the number of bedrooms, apartment-style, furnishing options, etc, the price goes higher.

The apartment complex styles are also diverse, multi-story gated communities or mini skyscrapers, or large apartment complexes within the same compound wall, which too affect the price of the properties in the Barangay.

Why is it a good decision to invest in an apartment in Bambang?

Bambang is a fast-growing semi-urban region. It has both benefits of a calm serene life that is close to nature and also has the benefits of city life. The real-estate prices are comparatively cheaper, yet rising due to the region’s potential. It has easy access to educational institutes as well. So, it is a good decision to invest in apartments in Bambang. The real-estate value is bound to keep getting higher in the upcoming years.

How close is Bambang to Baguio?

Bambang and Baguio are separated by a distance of 300 kms but are connected by direct bus routes with a high bus frequency and cheaper travel expenses.

How many barangays are there in Bambang?

Bambang region is constituted by 25 barangay divisions.

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