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Apartment and Condo for Sale in San Miguel, Taguig City

San Miguel is a barangay located in the east of Taguig City in Metro Manila. As determined by the latest census, it has a population of around 10,528 making up 1.19% of the total population of the city. Majority of the inhabitants in the area belong to the working class. San Miguel used to be part of a different barangay and was officially made a separate entity in December 2008. Like many other barangays in Taguig, San Miguel comprises several business and commercial establishments as well as residential communities clustered together in strategic points of the city.

San Miguel offers diverse housing options that are very affordable. Several high-end apartments and condo units are up for sale in the barangay from 1 BR to 3 BR options. Carousell offers listings for these luxurious properties that are fully furnished and Ready for Occupancy. Foreclosed units are also available for purchase within the premises. 1 BR condo units with lovely interiors and glass fixtures can be availed for a price range of PHP 3000000 – PHP 4000000. Brand new, prestigious 2 BR condos equipped with landscaped gardens, 24/7 security, and secure parking spots are sold for as low as PHP 5000000 – PHP 7000000 while pre-owned 2 BR options can be bought for around PHP 2500000 – PHP 4000000. One can also find lavish 3 BR condo units for sale in San Miguel, Taguig city that cost approximately PHP 7000000 – PHP 10000000. These properties are spacious enough to accommodate large households and they come with a modular kitchen, a maid’s room, and stunning sets of furniture. Apartments and Condominiums in this area boast of excellent features and amenities where families can escape the hustle and bustle of the city life while simply basking in their own homes. These facilities include a fitness gym, an adult and kiddie pool, function rooms, jogging paths, children’s play area, game rooms, picnic areas, and indoor convenience shops where residents can easily avail of necessities without having to leave the complex. San Miguel consists of a number of commercial establishments situated strategically close to the residential communities like retail stores, fast-food joints, drugstores, food stalls, supermarkets, banks, malls etc. as well as schools and health clinics making it a good place to settle in. Transportation terminals can also be found situated in different parts of the barangay allowing residents to commute without much difficulty.

Housing options in San Miguel are relatively cheap yet offer high-end amenities and facilities. Situated in a rapidly developing city, the barangay is a perfect place to invest in residential properties as the appreciation value is higher. Furthermore, the units offered in this barangay provide flexible payment schemes that take into consideration the buyer’s needs, preferences, and financial capability. You can pay via monthly amortization for up to a number of years without incurring additional interest rates. Other payment options shall be discussed openly by the sellers or owners along with more details on the various properties offered once you reach out to them via the Carousell website.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the average cost of property in San Miguel?

The average cost of 1 BR apartment and condo units in San Miguel is around PHP 3500000. 2 BR units cost around PHP 6000000. Properties are elegantly designed with stunning interiors and excellent amenities.

Is it good to invest in San Miguel?

San Miguel is part of Taguig City which is a rapidly developing city. San Miguel is situated near Taguig’s main business and commercial district and can offer residents immense opportunities for employment and other financial investments. Also, the properties in this area cost relatively cheaper compared to other nearby places but offer a high appreciation value. The place is also quite accessible and traveling to and fro is easier.

How far is San Miguel from Quezon City?

San Miguel from Quezon City is nearly 30km away and can be accessed via major routes in the Metro.

How many barangays is this place surrounded by?

Lower Bicutan, South Signal Village, North Signal Village, Central Signal Village and Bambang surround the vicinity of San Miguel.

Is it safe to purchase a property in San Miguel via Carousell?

Of course! Carousell offers legitimate listings of properties in San Miguel on its website which is backed by a number of good reviews and testimonies from earlier buyers.

What are the advantages of buying an RFO unit?

You can move in immediately once purchase has been finalized. Amenities and Utilities are ready to use and you can easily inspect the finished product. Also, RFO units make lucrative investments since you can have this rented out immediately to generate income.

Which is better, an RFO Unit or a Pre-Selling Property?

For buyers ready to move in immediately, RFO units are the best option. Those who are willing to wait may avail of the Pre-Selling units on the other hand.

What is a foreclosed unit?

A foreclosed unit is a property that's seized and put up for sale by the bank that gave the original owner a loan. When you see a home listed as foreclosed, it means that it's owned by the bank.

What are the advantages of investing in a pre-owned property?

A pre-owned property is less expensive or more affordable than a new property. Price may be negotiable depending on the market. Also, an older property usually has lower maintenance charges compared to the new ones.

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