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House and Lot for Sale in Anunas, Angeles City

Barangay Anunas is a city in Angeles that used to be a part of the province of Pampanga but has become an independent component city back in August 2007. However, it is still physically considered to be a part of the province of Pampanga. This barangay is home to 26,063 people, accounting for 5.63% of the total population of the city. This barangay is known for being a growth center of the city given its developing light industries in woodcarving as well as rattan crafts.

Aside from being a light industrial barangay of the city, another thing that this barangay is popular for is that it’s home to the city’s Koreatown. You can find many Korean establishments that have made their home along the Fil-Am Friendship Highway. Since this barangay has plenty of growth opportunities, it makes sense that this area is also a hub for real estate development. For those looking for a property in this neighborhood, you can find different choices available to you. A 2BR house and lot for sale in Anunas, Angeles City, for example, ranges from PHP 1,600,029 to PHP 9,500,000 with an average floor space of around 105 sqm. If you’re looking for a 3BR home, that’s also plenty here with prices ranging from PHP 6,500,000 to PHP 22,000,000, with an average floor area of 179.92 sqm. On the other hand, a 4BR home in this place has an average floor area of 245.39 sqm. with a price range of PHP 7,500,029 to PHP 33,000,000. For an even larger home with 5BR or more, the average floor area will be 332.5 sqm. and the price ranges from PHP 13,500,000 to PHP 145,000,011. These homes often come with a car garage of one vehicle or more, some come with swimming pools, and these areas are located in safe places with 24/7 security available. If you want to move in sooner as well, you might want to look for furnished places. A fully-furnished home would go between a price range of PHP 7,500,029 to PHP 22,000,000 for an average floor area of 208.66 sqm. If you want to get more freedom for your furniture choices but still want some furnishings, then you can get semi-furnished houses instead. The price range for this home type goes at around PHP 10,500,001 to PHP 13,000,000 for a floor area average of 218.33 sqm. Although these types of properties are not as affordable, some people who are eager to move in find that it saves them time, energy, and, sometimes, money since they don’t have to buy the furniture themselves.

There are many real estate opportunities to pursue here in this barangay. Given its continuous growth due to its active light industries and the many amenities available in the area, it’s no wonder that people are interested in investing here. With that said, there are a number of payment choices available if you want to get a property from here. Common financing options are bank financing, cash payments, and monthly installments with down payments. If you want specific details of a preferred listing, talk to the property owner through the chat option here in Carousell to know more

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As mentioned before, this barangay has a robust and continuously growing industry behind it that makes it a great place for business investments. Aside from that, there are also all sorts of amenities that will be of interest to people who want to make long-term stays or residences out of their properties here in the barangay. Its proximity to an airport, the commercial and transport hubs, as well as schools, entertainment amenities, and more make it a lucrative investment.

There are a few barangays that share a boundary with this barangay and they are namely: Amsic, Cuayan, Malabanias, Margot, Pampang, and Sapangbato.

The average price for a property here costs about PHP 18,057,630 with an average floor area of about 247.64 sqm. For a 2-3BR home, the average costs come down to about PHP 9,735,718. On the other hand, for a 4-5BR home or more, the average price would be around PHP 20,711,630.

An unfurnished home might have painted walls and floorings, it has kitchen and bathroom fixtures, as well as electrical wirings and outlets, but that’s about it. For a semi-furnished house, you won’t have firm expectations, but these usually come with an air conditioning unit and a few pieces of furniture here and there. Finally, a fully-furnished home should have everything you need to live in it without needing to purchase anything else.

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