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House and Lot for Sale in Angeles City

Angeles City is a first-class and highly-urbanized city in the Philippines within the Central Luzon region. Although geographically it is considered to be a part of Pampanga, this city is politically independent of the province entirely. It got its name in honor of its founder as well as its patron saints from the term “The Town of the Angels,” in Spanish. The city is known for its many historically significant spots for travelers, while also being home to a pretty active nightlife scene. It is even considered to be the culinary capital of the country.

Given the many hats that this city wears, you’ll surely always find something to do when you’re here. Some popular activities to do in the city would be to enjoy some of the local resorts, see some historical spots, as well as enjoy the local food scene. However, for some individuals, this city can be the best place to buy a property. Given how lively living in this city is, there are amenities that you’re going to find in this city that will make it a delight to live in as well as a great real estate opportunity to invest in. To get started, you can purchase a 2BR home for a price ranging from PHP 1,085,000 to PHP 64,601,880. The next upgrade would be a 3BR home and the price for that in this area would range from PHP 1,200,000 to PHP 43,000,000. If you have a fairly grown family already or want to invest in a medium-sized home, you should get a 4BR home. A 4BR home in this barangay would go for a price range of PHP 5,229,600 to PHP 220,000,000. If you’re looking for a forever home filled with luxury and comfortability, then expanding into 5BR and more properties is the choice for you. Homes this size in the city would cost around PHP 3,500,000 to PHP 358,500,000. Many of these houses also come with a dedicated outdoor space for gardening and a parking garage. Not to mention that these homes are also near key establishments in their communities, such as malls, schools, and hospitals. If you are looking for more savings to get from the properties in Angeles City, then you can look for a pre-owned house. Properties like this in this city range from PHP 3,000,000 to PHP 110,000,000. There are also properties that are up for pre-selling if you’re interested in getting ahead of the curve. These properties in this city would cost somewhere between PHP 1,300,000 to PHP 15,820,000. Another way to get a property lower than its market value is by getting a bank foreclosed property. Bank foreclosed properties in this city would cost about PHP 3,500,000 to PHP 20,175,000.

There are plenty of real estate opportunities available in this city that you can make the most out of both as a residential option and as a business investment. Many of these properties also come with different payment options for your convenience. In this city, the popular options would be to pay via cash payments, monthly installments with down payment, and bank financing. Use the chat feature on the Carousell site if you find a property listing you like and ask the seller for the payment options for said properties so you are sure.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is a pre-owned house and lot?

When talking about a pre-owned property, that means that the property has been used by someone before. Since the property is not a new development, these properties would usually be a cheaper price than similar properties that are newer.

What is a pre-selling property?

A property up for pre-selling is not a fully-constructed property. Due to its incomplete state, developers would open it up for selling to buyers for a lower price than market value while the property is still incomplete.

What is the average price of a house and lot for sale in Angeles City?

The average cost of a property in this city would be around PHP 16,492,214. The average price of a 2BR home here would be around PHP 2,062,144 while a 4BR home would average around PHP 13,938,936.

What is a bank foreclosed property?

A bank foreclosed property would be a real estate property that has been taken over by the lender for a variety of reasons. In this case, the lender is the bank. A property like this would usually be cheaper, especially if it’s been in the bank’s inventory for a long time.

Why should I invest in a house and lot for sale in Angeles City?

Angeles City is a vibrant community filled with a rich historical background, and an exciting modern lifestyle. Despite not being in the “big city,” this city still manages to capture some of its lively essence through its vibrant nightlife as well as through its easy access to several amenities. At the same time, it doesn’t feel as overpopulated as many of the bigger cities out there. Therefore, buying a property in this city is a great investment for anyone interested.

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