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House and Lot for Sale in Malabanias, Angeles City

Barangay Malabanias (also known as Malabáñas) is a barangay in Angeles that is filled with 29,841 people, according to the 2020 Census. That means that this barangay is home to 6.45% of the total population of the city. It is one of the more populated barangays of this city. The name of this barangay comes from two possible etymologies. The word mala- is a prefix that means “resembling,” while the -banias can come from two origins. It can come from bañás, a local timber tree, or the word banias, an old Kapampangan word for a barag which is a local water lizard species.

Nowadays, this barangay is a pretty active area with a growing population and an increasing number of commercial properties and opportunities. In fact, you can find the largest mall of the city in this barangay and it is just beside the biggest entertainment area of the city, which is the barangay sharing the Easter boundary with this barangay. With that said, getting a house and lot for sale in Malabanias, Angeles City is surely a worthwhile endeavor. In fact, you can start by looking at 2BR properties here which have a starting price of PHP 1,500,000. If you’re looking for a moderately-sized home, then upgrade to a 3BR home here which will have an average floor area of 205 square meters (sqm.) and a price range of PHP 14,900,002 to PHP 16,900,000. An even larger home with 4BR would go for PHP 14,900,000 to PHP 19,000,000 with an average floor area of 221 sqm. For those looking for larger estates to truly settle down in, you can get 5BR homes or more in this barangay with an average floor area of 414 sqm. for a price range of about PHP 15,500,000 to PHP 35,000,000. Many of the homes in this barangay come with their own parking garage for those who own a vehicle or more. There are also outdoor spaces dedicated to gardening, 24/7 security, as well as a pet-friendly environment. It’s also worth noting how easy it is to reach key commercial establishments like malls, restaurants, and even resorts in this barangay. If you want even more convenience, then you might want to look for semi-furnished houses to move into. A starting price of a semi-furnished home in this neighborhood with more than five bedrooms would be PHP 25,000,000 here, and it even comes with a pool. Another way to make your life more convenient when buying a property is by finding ways to save money. One way to do that is to get a pre-owned house and lot which is available in this barangay for PHP 19,000,000 for a 385 sqm. property with 4BR. With a pre-owned home, you can get a property lower than the usual asking price of a new property, which helps give you some discounts on a property.

As you can see, there are all sorts of properties worth investing in when you’re in this barangay. Whether you have a big and established family or are looking for real estate investments to make, there are opportunities available in this barangay for you. Plus, you can choose a variety of payment options as well. For example, you can pay for a property here with cash or bank financing, or inhouse financing. Talk directly to the property manager or seller through the chat option in Carousell for more information on your chosen listing’s ideal payment option.

Frequently asked questions

This barangay is a well-populated area filled with all sorts of opportunities as well as establishments. Any home here will be conveniently located in a commercially active area so they can easily access everything they want from key transportation hubs to commercial and leisure establishments. It’s perfect for a long-term stay or for people looking for business investments in real estate.

A pre-owned property is a property that has had previous residents or tenants in it already. Regardless of how long they have stayed, usually, a pre-owned house will cost lower than a newly-built property because other people have used it already. That means that it will be cheaper real estate to purchase than other properties of similar types.

The nearby barangays that share a boundary with this one are the following: Amsic, Anunas, Balibago, Claro M. Recto, Margot, Pampang, Santa Teresita, and Virgen Delos Remedios.

The overall average floor area in this barangay is about 288.23 sqm. The average price for the properties for sale in this barangay would come to about PHP 20,212,500.

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