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House and Lot for Sale in Pampang, Angeles City

Barangay Pampang is located in the city of Angeles. It is home to around 24,653 people which accounts for 5.33% of the total city population. This barangay lies right by the Abacan River, which might be where it got its name because it means river bed. Nowadays, this barangay serves as the public market district of the city, so many of the city’s citizens would travel to shop around in the wet markets available in the area.

In the entire province of Pampanga, the Pampang Wet Market is the largest of its kind, which is why many people gather to get there. Since it has such a lively commercial area, this makes the barangay an ideal place for getting real estate for both residential and commercial or business purposes. You can find even a resort within this barangay, so there are leisure activities. With that said, you can also buy a house and lot for sale in Pampang, Angeles City. The average price for such properties would be starting from PHP 1,450,000 to PHP 285,000,000. Of course, the price differs depending on the size of the property and the condition. For example, you can find a single-attached house in the barangay for a starting price of PHP 1,755,512 for a 2BR home. On the other hand, you can get a single-detached house for a price ranging from PHP 3,500,000 to PHP 4,950,000. Many of the homes available also offer parking lots, are pet-friendly, and have the outdoor space for a garden. Aside from that, these places are in strategic locations so it’s within reach of many key spots like malls, schools, and public transportation hubs. If you’re already itching to move in, then you should consider looking for homes that are ready for occupancy. You can find a 1BR home with a parking space that’s RFO for the price of PHP 1,700,000. If you’re interested in saving some money before buying a property in this neighborhood, consider getting any real estate that’s in any other condition except new. That way, you can get some discounts while still being able to own property. For example, a pre-selling home is available for a price range of PHP 1,450,000 to PHP 1,500,000. A pre-owned house and lot is another way you can save money because you can get a property for a price range between PHP 4,900,000 to PHP 50,000,000. You can also get different-sized properties in the area. For example, a 2BR home in this barangay costs somewhere around PHP 1,450,000 to PHP 1,800,000. On the other hand, a 3BR home costs between PHP 1,894,301 to PHP 22,000,002. If you want to cater to larger families, start with 4BR homes which will cost between PHP 6,500,000 to PHP 27,500,000. 5BR homes and more will then cost between PHP 6,800,000 to PHP 50,000,000.

Interested in buying a house and lot in this barangay? Well, you’re sure to find a number of options available for your picking. You can also avail of the different payment methods available when purchasing a property here. Popular choices include cash payment and bank financing. To identify the best payment option for the property listing of your choice as well as for scheduling property tours, use the chat option on the Carousell website to contact the seller/property owner for convenience.

Frequently asked questions

A pre-owned property means that there has already been a previous owner or tenant who had used the property in some way, regardless of the length of stay. On the other hand, a property for pre-selling means the property has not finished construction but is looking for potential buyers for a discounted price.

The average price overall for the property listings in the barangay is about PHP 17,957,008. For a 1BR home, it’s PHP 1,700,000. A 2BR home would be about PHP 1,596,102. A 3BR home would average around PHP 12,352,953. A property with 5BR or more would cost an average of PHP 25,400,000.

The several barangays that share a boundary with this barangay would be Amsic, Anunas, Cuayan. Cutcut, Lourdes North West, Malabanias, Santa Teresita, and Santa Trinidad.

This barangay is ripe with development opportunities both industrial and real estate or residential. For anyone looking for a new home to move into, this barangay has nearby schools, hospitals, and even a resort for leisure. If you’re interested in residential opportunities for business, the strategic location of the barangay makes it so that it’s near enough many of the attractions and amenities in critical spots of the area without being located in a place that’s too overcrowded.

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