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House and Lot for Sale in Pandan, Angeles City

Pandan is a barangay in the city of Angeles that derives its name from the local species of Pandan called the Pandan-luzon or Pandanus luzonensis Merr. There are about 23,928 people living in this barangay which accounts for around 5.17% of the total population in the city itself, according to a 2020 Census. Along Pandan-Tabun road and Pandan Road, you can find a number of commercial establishments for both leisure and other needs. However, this barangay also has a huge residential area as well.

The residential areas in this barangay are well-developed and have easy access to the commercial establishments mentioned above. Aside from that, if youโ€™re looking to raise a family here or have children already, note that there are schools and colleges available in this barangay as well. For leisure purposes, you can even enjoy some time off at some of the local resorts available in the area. With that said, you can purchase a house and lot for sale in Pandan, Angeles City for a price ranging from PHP 1,420,000 to PHP 1,500,000 for a 2BR home with an average floor space of 36.6 sqm. A 3BR home, on the other hand, can go for a price range of PHP 4,800,000 to PHP 9,800,004 for an average floor area of 198.63 sqm. If youโ€™re looking for a step up from that and want a more spacious home or have a bigger family, a 4BR home is best which will go for a price range of PHP 8,500,000 to PHP 9,500,000 for an average of 186.25 sqm. floor space. An even more spacious home should range somewhere between PHP 3,500,000 to PHP 16,500,000 and would have an average floor space of around 271.32 sqm. for a 5BR or more home. The features and amenities available for homes in this barangay would be a one-vehicle or more parking garage, an outdoor space for gardening or even a pool, as well as a pet-friendly environment. Depending on the location, these properties can even have 24/7 security for peace of mind. If you are eager to move in already, you can also look for a semi-furnished home that can provide you with a few pieces of furniture to get you started. These homes go for around PHP 6,200,000 to PHP 9,000,029 and have an average floor area of 130 sqm. A popular style of a home here would be a bungalow-style house. A house like that one goes for PHP 8,500,000 to PHP 9,200,001 and has an average square meter of the floor area of about 243.75.

The styles, conditions, and features vary between each property and there are many properties available that can cater to different types of buyers. Whether you want a real estate investment or a residential property, you have plenty of options in this barangay. If you find a listing that interests you, contact the seller/property owner through the Carousell chat option to find out what the payment options are. Common payment schemes for properties here would be cash payment, monthly installment, as well as bank financing.

Frequently asked questions

The average cost of purchasing a property in this area would be around PHP 8,510,288 for an average square meter of the floor area of around 210.43. The average for a 2BR property goes for the price of PHP 1,460,200. A 3BR propertyโ€™s average price would then be PHP 7,512,504. On the other hand, a 4BR property would go for an average of PHP 8,812,508 in this barangay. Lastly, 5BR and above properties have an average selling price of PHP 10,736,851.

The barangays that share a boundary with this barangay would be the following: Balibago, Mining, Ninoy Aquino, Pulung Cacutud, Pulung Maragul, Salapungan, Sapalibutad, and Tabun.

The benefit of getting a semi-furnished property is that it reduces the number of furniture that you have to purchase. Of course, the definition of semi-furnishing differs between each property owner, so itโ€™s a good idea to ask what the inclusions of a semi-furnished property are or to do a tour of the property first.

Much of the homes in this barangay are quite affordable in comparison to other barangays in the city, as you can see in the average price of a property as listed above. Besides that, there are still a variety of amenities available in the barangay that increase the value of the real estate located within the area. Everything from commercial to leisure establishments is easily available to many of the areas that the properties are located in. That makes it a strategic investment for many people.

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